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Exclusive: Sergio Mora discusses Peter Manfredo Jr. trilogy

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DAZN announcer and former world champion Sergio Mora has admitted to WBN that a third fight with old rival Peter Manfredo Jr. does hold some interest for him.

Retiring in 2018 after a close eight-round victory over Alfredo Angulo, the fresh-faced Mora is approaching his 39th birthday next month.

‘The Latin Snake’ settled nicely into his new role behind the microphone but still harbors the bug many ex-fighters find hard to shake off.

Manfredo, who is one month older than Mora, makes his comeback on November 23. It comes after three and a half years away.

Should he win to secure a 41st career triumph, Mora believes a trilogy offer could prove hard to pass up.

Mora reassured WBN it would merely be a one-off. And finally settling the argument with Manfredo for good has its merits.

Defeating Manfredo in the 2005 Contender Series final, the pair rematched five months later at Staples Center. The general consensus was Manfredo did more than enough to win. But it was Mora who took the decision.

Sergio Mora Peter Manfredo Jr.

If indeed the score is considered to be one apiece, what better way for both to finish their respective ring stints?

Sergio Mora vs Peter Manfredo Jr

“I’ve known Peter since 1998 when we fought in the amateurs. I’ve always respected him,” Mora exclusively told World Boxing News. “When I saw him on the contender I always knew he was going to be the one to beat.

“I beat him. I know the rematch was a lot closer and many thought he won.

“You always hear fighters saying they’re gone and then they come back that’s the reason why I’ve never officially retired because I don’t want to be one of those hypocrites.

“Hypocrite may be the wrong word, but going back on your word is quite hypocritical. I’d rather not be one of those guys.

“If I tell you something, then I’m going to try stick to it as much as possible. I’ve never nailed the nail in the coffin because I always leave myself some sort of opening but that opening is damn near closed.

“If I’m going to come back, then it’ll be a calculated risk. It ain’t going to be a young guy. It ain’t going to be a world champion obviously, not a top.10 guy. So yeah, why not?

“If they come back with Manfredo in a farewell fight where both of us will retire and can settle our differences. Plus make good money doing it, then hey, I’m open to it.

“But first things first, he has to win his fight first on November 23rd,” he laughed.

Fighting for money

Giving his opinion on why Manfredo has decided to fight again after previously confirming to WBN he would never come back, Mora added: “Like many of us, he made some decisions in his professional career. Some didn’t turn out like he wanted to. We wish we could take it back.

“Maybe some personal decisions he would have made differently. But to force this third fight, he’s fighting when he shouldn’t.

“Peter is only fighting for money. He has a beautiful family, he’s the man of the house and he’ll never shy away from providing for his family. I get that. I don’t necessarily agree with it. And that’s when fighters can get hurt at that age.

“I can’t stop a man from providing for his family. If that’s the way he can do it, that’s the way most of them do it.

“We don’t have any education. We don’t have any business experience or any kind of work experience. We’ve been boxing since we were kids.

“It’s something we’ve had to rely on to get the paycheck. So for Peter to come back, it’s strictly for money, he admits it and I just can’t knock him for it,” said Mora.

Phil Jay is the Editor of World Boxing News.

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