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Home » George Groves body-shamed after reuniting with Carl Froch

George Groves body-shamed after reuniting with Carl Froch

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George Groves made an appearance alongside Carl Froch at The O2 Arena on Saturday night and was immediately set upon by online body-shamers.

The 31 year-old, who retired after losing his world title to Callum Smith last year, has been enjoying the fruits of retirement.

Groves got out with all his faculties in order and millions of pounds in the bank, so rightly so.

Like many boxers who don’t have to train every day and maintain a strict lifestyle, Groves has gone up a couple of weight divisions.

It all comes with the territory. Pugilists regularly boil down to as comfortable limit as possible in order to gain as much advantage as they can.

George Groves body-shamed

But comments soon turned ugly for Groves, who was subjected to a hideous collection of tweets on social media.

Comments included:

Banged some timber on old st George.

Geroge loves a mixed grill.

The fridge hoover.

You’ve put some beef on there George, lad.

George Groves losing his latest fight against obesity.

How fat does @StGeorgeGroves look lmao.

Groves needs to lay off the pies.

“You can see groves has retired #fatty boom booms.

Fans of Groves and Froch then leaped to the Londoner’s defence.

“Why is everyone body-shaming groves? He’s spent his life training and being fit and in camps. He’s retired and wants to enjoy life, relaxing and eating food. He couldn’t as a world champion boxer. Leave the guy alone.

“What a show these two put on for us. Twice. We are all very lucky! ????????

“2 Legends right there.

“Who fought in front of 80,000 people?

“Love these two, I literally watched the first fight in Manchester as a non-boxing fan, been obsessed with boxing every day since.”

A UK legend, Groves has fully deserved time off in his pundit role for Sky Sports and other boxing outlets.

Both men were on duty for Saturday night’s World Boxing Super Series Final.

Froch, who always seems to hit the headlines for the wrong reasons, still looks on fighting weight as rumors continue of one more bout.

Andre Ward recently offered to settle his differences with Froch again in a tongue-in-cheek comment, whilst Froch has never ruled out having another go.

‘The Cobra’ last graced the ring in his second victory over Groves when he fought at Wembley Stadium in front of 80,000 people.

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