Worried fans don’t want David Allen allowed anywhere near Daniel Dubois

Daniel Dubois David Allen

📸 Frank Warren / Mark Robinson

An interview with BT Sport over the weekend, David Allen worried fans with a call-out of British heavyweight wrecking machine Daniel Dubois.

Allen, currently taking a break following mental issues suffered in the wake of a loss to David Price, was adamant he wanted a shot at ‘DDD’.

Outlining his intentions, ‘The Doncaster De La Hoya’ stated his bid to lobby for a shot at the Lonsdale Belt, currently in the possession of Dubois.

“I let myself down (against David Price). And I don’t want to come back and fight Slobodan Bogdanovic. I could fight him six, seven times in a row.

“I could then do and fight for an English title but I don’t want to do that. But I want to fight Daniel Dubois at the O2 for the British heavyweight title.

“Tell me they are not going to make a movie about me and writing a book?

“Because they are – and that’s why I want it.”

“You know all the naysayers out there, the negativity – watch what happens. Because I will win that press conference, I will talk that man’s ears in.

“The weigh-in, I will win the weigh-in as well. The fight, I’ll be a 20-1 shot but we’ll see.

“I’m excited about life and that’s what life is all about.

Dubois replied to the video clip of Allen on social media, by saying: “No problem.

“December in London, if this is serious.”


Some fans immediately began to comment and plead with Allen not to pursue the challenge.

They included the following:

“This lad very nearly got seriously hurt by David Price. Absolutely should not be allowed in the ring with you.”

“Leave it Daniel, everyone knows what will happen, will just put Dave at rock bottom in his life if he takes another big loss. Think the people around he needs to have a word in his ear, bloke needs help.”

“Imagine getting battered by David Price then agreeing to fight Dubois. What on earth is happening?”

“Surely someone at the BBBoC has to step in and do something about this seen as the promoters clearly won’t.”

“I’d like to think the board wouldn’t sanction that. Allen is a danger to himself. I’d have to ask you to go easy on him.”

“There’s a massive difference between bravery and stupidity. I hope the White Rhino is just saying this for the banter.”

“This man is obviously not thinking straight. BBBOC should not sanction this fight. @EddieHearn needs to seriously advice this man to call it a day. He gets hit way too much. He has nothing else to prove. Southern area level at best.”

It’s only been a month since Allen took himself off social media following worrying activity. The 27 year-old was subsequently pulled from a scheduled fight on October 19.

The Yorkshireman resurfaced on Twitter recently and now seems hell-bent on landing another big fight.