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Home » Exclusive: Jorge Capetillo allays Tyson Fury cut re-opening fears

Exclusive: Jorge Capetillo allays Tyson Fury cut re-opening fears

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The man who saved Tyson Fury from what looked a certain defeat is hoping to be back in the corner for a high-profile clash with Deontay Wilder.

Jorge Capetillo, an experienced Top Rank cutman, was drafted in initially for Fury’s recent victory over Otto Wallin.

It turned out to be a masterstroke by Fury as ‘The Gypsy King’ was hampered by one of the worst cuts in recent heavyweight history.

Fury suffered the gash in the third round. He was on the verge of being stopped every round until the final bell sounded.

Praised for his work, Capetillo received a bonus from Fury for helping him see out a unanimous decision.

Discussing how bad the cut was, and Wallin’s attempts to make it worse, Capetillo believes Fury will fully recover.

Jorge Capetillo speaks to World Boxing News on Tyson Fury

“I saw something (Wallin was doing) but I was focusing on the cut, of course,” Capetillo exclusively told World Boxing News.

“But I was really p****d off because he was just trying to open it with a foul, in a dirty way. It was bad but this is a war. Fighters do anything to get the win. It was getting a little dirty.

“That’s the worst, biggest and deepest cut I’ve ever worked on or seen, I think in my boxing career.”

On Fury’s capability to deal with what was thrown at him, Capetillo had nothing but love for the Briton.

“That’s why I have so much admiration for him. He’s not only a champion in the ring, but he’s also a champion in life,” he pointed out. “I saw him just resting a few days he was going to the gym and he was running and that’s the will.

“He has the will to win. That something which makes a fighter really dangerous because he has the will to work.”


Asked about the extra cash which Fury told him to pocket, Capetillo answered: “He’s a generous man, very generous. I went to see him on Sunday morning before his flight back to Manchester and I went to see him and say ‘hi’, see how he was doing and the cut.

“Tyson was so grateful and so happy, he gave me a big hug. He showed me love and gave me a bonus on the spot. ‘He said thank you for your work, I appreciate the way you took care of me’, he was telling me that.”

Facing weeks of uncertainty over a scheduled rematch with Deontay Wilder on February 22nd, Fury was patched up successfully.

Capetillo says the 30 year-old could well be on schedule for next year.

“You know what, I think they did a pretty good job. Remember we got two cuts, one on top of the eyebrow and one above the eye. I think they did tremendous work.

“When the person is healthy, the body is healthy, the recovery is healthy as well. I think they did tremendous work.

“I’ve seen a picture of him a few days ago and he looks tremendous, it’s healing very well.”


And whether the cut could re-open?

“Of course (there’s a fear). But it’s going to heal very well,” he predicted. “When you got a scar like that it’s about looking after it with good care and having a good distance, strategy, good plan.

“I don’t see a problem at all. Especially with a fighter like Tyson when he can box, he’s showed the guts to get through a fight.

“Let me tell you this, I’ve been thinking about this, this is just making Tyson a better fighter.

“He’s already been down, already been cut. He has already been through it to the deepest water. That’ll give experience, confidence and a will to win. That will make him a stronger fighter, mentally, physically.

“Tyson will have the strongest will to get in the rematch with Wilder. He already went through a lot in the deepest, deepest water.”

Concluding by asking Jorge if he will be in the corner for the Wilder return, he answered: “I’m hoping.”

“Everything is good. We got a good relationship. I feel part of the family, part of the team. For sure I hope to be there for the Wilder fight.

“He’s resting right now with his family. I know he’s training a little bit right now in the gym doing his thing. I’m pretty sure I’ll see him soon in Vegas.”

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