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Home » Boxing royalty back Lennox Lewis as Anthony Joshua baits

Boxing royalty back Lennox Lewis as Anthony Joshua baits

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Anthony Joshua’s outburst to Lennox Lewis has been met with a humbling response from those in the boxing fraternity.

The on-demand special with Sky, titled ‘AJ: The Untold Truth’ saw Joshua brand the all-time great Lewis a ‘clown’.

Joshua shockingly also revealed he didn’t ‘respect’ boxing’s last heavyweight undisputed champion.

Here is how it went down on Twitter:

Andre Ward: “Lennox Lewis has always been gracious to me. He’s always been a phone call away, and has helped me with boxing and business in more ways than ppl would ever know. He is one who paved the way. He will always have my respect. I stand on this. #Respect”

George Foreman: Lennox Lewis should spend a week with AJ, pass on some of your wisdom of “Right hand stay at home”

Antonio Tarver: Champ this new generation is so soft they can’t even accept constructive criticism because they so wrapped up in their fragile feelings… that’s why these fighters “mindset” prevents them from reaching their full potential… #my2cents

Frank Bruno:

Unsure if there is more to this…. but Lennox has a fantastic legacy and AJ’s is still being written. The young blood can always learn from those who’ve already trodden that path. I hope they can both resolve their differences and respect each other #respect #warriors

Here’s a reminder of what Joshua said to Sky Sports in his ‘Untold Truth’ segment: “Lennox is a clown. I don’t respect Lennox.”

When Anna Woolhouse spoke about the legacy Lewis left in the sport, the 2012 Olympic gold-medalist interrupted the host and said: “So? So am I.

“Me and Lennox are not the same. My legacy is to sit back and enjoy the younger generation coming up, and not to really be involved. Just to appreciate what it takes to get there.

“Lennox isn’t like that. Me and Lennox are cut from a different cloth.”

The Matchroom star has since added: “Always say it how it is. A clown is a clown.

“He (Lennox Lewis) can wipe his make-up off but his heart remains the same.

“No squares in my circle, cuz! G s*** only.”