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Home » Ruiz Jr. vs Joshua 2 venue becomes two-location tug-of-war

Ruiz Jr. vs Joshua 2 venue becomes two-location tug-of-war

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A high-profile rematch between Andy Ruiz Jr. and Anthony Joshua is now down to a choice of two venues, according to bookmakers at SkyBet.

As World Boxing News reported first on Tuesday, Saudi Arabia emerged as a late contender despite opening in the Sky betting at 28/1. Those fractions soon plummeted down to odds-on favoritism. Despite this move, Wales has regained the top spot on the list.

Now a short price, it seems the Principality being Joshua’s first choice, has kept the Welsh National Stadium at the summit. There’s only one problem for AJ on that score, Ruiz has unequivocally ruled out a United Kingdom return. This means Saudi Arabia is left as the only viable option.

Mexico, Nigeria, Las Vegas, and, of course, New York – all of which were in the running previously, are now huge outsiders to claim the fight.

A late surge by Tottenham Hotspurs’ new football ground or even West Ham’s London Stadium seems to be simply clutching at straws.

Ruiz is highly unlikely to agree to come to England. But leaves a potential Cardiff clash an option despite its UK location. Joshua may argue the fact Wales is not his native country and therefore, is neutral. Although we all know this would be pulling the wool over the current world heavyweight champion’s eyes.

The former Millenium Stadium is like a second home to Joshua. The 2012 Olympic gold medalist has fought there an equal number of times to Wembley. Even more in the past two years by 2 to 1.

Due to SkyBet being linked to Sky Sports, they should have the inside track on the betting, which should mean only Wales and Saudi remain in the running.

If those odds are to be believed, Joshua is fighting for his advantages. Whilst Ruiz will certainly be pushing for the Middle East riches over a possible trip to his opponent’s backyard.

Furthermore, an announcement of a finalized date and venue is expected as early as Friday, provided both sides can come to an amicable solution.