Frank Bruno TV appearance highly worrying, comeback goal totally unreachable

Bruno seemed to be rambling and not fully aware of what he was saying as the 54 year-old spoke to hosts of ITV’s This Morning programme, Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on Monday morning.

Stating that, ‘he had no choice but to come back to boxing’ and that ‘he will end up in Broadmoor Hospital’ sent alarm bells ringing and further cemented the fact that a 25×16 foot ring is the last place Bruno should be.

Being a former world champion and a highly likeable sporting personality doesn’t seem to be enough for Bruno as the Londoner continually battles with living a normal life after being put on a pedestal as a champion. Bruno can’t seem to cope with the demons that present themselves to him regularly and has a lot of those around him who care for him worried for the future.

Famous for his endearing chuckle and catchphrase to the late great Harry Carpenter, Bruno is a well-loved figure in boxing, but obviously needs support from a network of mental powers that he obviously thinks have failed him badly.

It’s a sad situation when Bruno’s appearance on TV to promote mental health aftercare has been overshadowed by outlandish claims of an unreachable fight twenty years on from his last, which are just another sign of what the veteran struggles to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Watch the video of Frank Bruno’s TV appearance here