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Ex-Mike Tyson opponent Frank Bruno still has INSANE muscles at 58

Former WBC heavyweight champion and two-time Mike Tyson opponent Frank Bruno still have amazing muscles at the ripe old age of 58.

The Briton, who fought and lost to Tyson in world title fights during the 1980s and 1990s, has been keeping himself in great shape.


Firstly, it comes as Tyson and his 90s rival Evander Holyfield both confirmed they will return for exhibition bouts this year. Could Bruno be next?

Bruno was given a price of 25/1 to be Mike Tyson’s opponent when ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ gets back in the ring shortly.

Friends Barry McGuigan and Michael Buffer were happy to see Bruno is such good shape as he approaches his 60s.

“Looking great Frank, keep it going Champ,” said McGuigan.

Buffer added: “Sir Frank is and always has been the gentleman‘s gentleman.

“It’s always a thrill for me to see the huge fan reaction. The love that he gets from the crowd when I introduce him in attendance at ringside!”


Back in 2016, Bruno announced on live UK Television that he would be returning to boxing in order to stave off mental health issues.

Speaking to This Morning, the fighter famous for his ‘You know what I mean ‘Arry’ catchphrase said:

They (the drugs I was taking for mental health) made me suicidal. They messed up my head, my clock, I can’t sleep, I’m up break dancing.

“I feel like Superman. I’m in the gym all the time, working hard.

“That’s why I’ve got to get back into boxing to get this out of my system. I don’t want to end up in Broadmoor hospital.

“I’m coming into boxing. I’ve got no choice. I train every day. I get Eddie Hearn, a so-called promoter, saying Anthony Joshua would knock me out in two rounds but I’m not even dead.

“It’s (training) good for my head as well as my body. I’m trying to bring it into schools, like non-contact. I’ve got a boxing academy.”

On the same day that Bruno posted his picture, the former boxer paid tribute to friend Willie Thorne who passed away earlier in the week.

“A Huge shock to see my old friend Wille Thorne has died. Not only a prolific snooker player but also a real character.

“We spent a number of years on different sporting TV programmes the last few years. He will be greatly missed by all that knew him,” stated Bruno.