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Home » Robert Guerrero aims for strong comeback from Keith Thurman loss

Robert Guerrero aims for strong comeback from Keith Thurman loss

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Guerrero is today’s version of a modern day gladiator who leaves everything in the ring. His never die fighting style is what fans of all ages are thriving to see. Sports fans around the world witnessed a “Fight of the Year” candidate when Guerrero and Thurman left everything in the ring.

Guerrero speaks on his future:

“Although Thurman and I went to war, my body is recovering well,” said Robert Guerrero. “As crazy as it sounds, I’m ready to get back to work and start training. I’m hoping I can get back in the ring by the summer and finish off strong by the end of the year. If I can get two more fights in this year, I’ll be happy. I know the fans are looking forward to my next fight, and I’m ready to bring them another exciting night of action.”

Bob Santos who co-manages Guerrero stated, “After looking at the fight, I realized Guerrero was fighting a super-middleweight on fight night, which makes his fight with Thurman even more unbelievable. Guerrero who came up from 122 lbs. went the distance with an undefeated champion who fought most of his career at 154 pounds, that’s incredible. The fans got to see a true warrior in Guerrero last Saturday, and will get to see him again in the near future.”