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Ryan Garcia, Oscar De La Hoya thrown out of Citi Field by Mets

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Ryan Garcia was unhappy as he left Citi Field on Tuesday after being thrown out by the Mets without throwing the first pitch.

After the Mets pulled the plug on his appearance, the Golden Boy star filmed himself leaving the stadium with a disgruntled Oscar De La Hoya.

Before his removal, Garcia was seen on the field warming up, having announced that he would be given the honor ahead of his fight with Devin Haney. However, following the pair’s slanging match and subsequent shove by Haney on top of the Empire State Building, the Mets wanted to avoid another incident.

“Bizarre scene tonight at Citi Field in New York, where Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia were scheduled to throw out the first pitch of Mets vs Pirates,” said DAZN’s Chris Mannix.

“Mets officials pulled the plug on it after the fighters arrived. I’m told by sources with direct knowledge that it’s because they didn’t want to risk an incident on the field.

“Haney and Garcia, who will face off Saturday at Barclays Center, scuffled at the Empire State Building earlier today.”

As he left, Garcia stated: “The Mets just wasted three hours of our lives to say at the end we can’t throw the pitch, for whatever reason. There was no reason.

“They kicked us out for no reason, so everybody, I’m personally going to say ‘f*** the Mets!” Don’t ever go to a f***ing Mets game again. F*** the Mets!”

It’s yet another incident for Garcia to add to the many that have gone down during the build-up to his fight with Haney. From shouting at people during his New York run before the press conference to bizarre behavior during the run-in, it’s certainly not been a dull event so far.

Maybe that was the plan all along?

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