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Home » Tyson Fury may retire, Usyk fight on Dec 23 date scrapped

Tyson Fury may retire, Usyk fight on Dec 23 date scrapped

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Tyson Fury will not face Oleksandr Usyk as planned on December 23 after the Briton’s dismal performance on Saturday night.

Fury all but lost against Francis Ngannou despite gaining a split decision, even with a confirmed two-week training camp.

Usyk was ringside to watch Fury in Saudia Araba on the back of the pair signing a deal to fight a day before Christmas Eve.

However, Fury is now backing out of the fight, which is no longer sure to happen as rumors circulate of a potential retirement.

Promoter Frank Warren relayed Usyk’s worst fears about the undisputed unification.

Tyson Fury vs Usyk is not happening on December 23

“It will go ahead, but it will not be on the 23rd. It was crazy for some people to suggest that it could still go ahead on the 23rd,” Warren told Boxing News.

“He is 35 years old and has just done a 12-week training camp and has just been in a tough fight. He needs a break with his family. Tyson Fury needs to switch off.

“We will announce the date when we are ready. But the fight is signed. The fight will happen. It will happen early in the new year, late January or February. That will be up to Tyson. It is his body.”

Warren added that what Fury stated inside the ring after his poor split decision should be ignored.

“Fury said in the ring that he would fight on the 23rd. He would do it, but he needs protection from himself. That’s my job.”

The Hall of Famer also said Fury may have been distracted by Usyk’s presence in the arena.

Fury considers retiring

“I can’t say Tyson took the fight lightly, but it was unfortunate that the news came out that the Usyk fight had been made. But we had to do that because once you sign a contract, it leaks like a sieve.

“That wasn’t Tyson Fury in there. It was a bad day at the office. But it was a win. He won the fight through his grit and determination. Ngannou was very dangerous and intense and would give anyone a hard and tough fight.

“I’m not sure Tyson looked right. I don’t think he looked right.

“It was important for him to do all the press things and the gala dinner before, but he should have just popped into that, had his dinner and gone. But Ngannou and all the other fighters did the same.

“Hindsight is useless. It is gone and done and finished. You cannot turn back the clock.”

On Fury’s future, Warren concluded: “We all give our views and opinions, but Tyson never looks for excuses. The next fight is a massive fight for all four of the belts, and he needs to decide when that can happen.

“The Tyson [vs Ngannou] rematch, if it happens, would be massive. It’s all about Tyson wanting to do it. He might turn round and say he’s had enough.”

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