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Terence Crawford to be forced into unnecessary rematch

Terence Crawford is about to have his fight options squashed after revealing a rematch with his last opponent is on the cards.

Despite beating Errol Spence Jr. at a canter in a one-sided affair, Crawford faces a return following a contract clause invoked by his former foe.

Spence looked weak at the weight, so it will be interesting to see if they can work out a deal for the second fight at a higher limit, potentially 154.

World Boxing News reported twice in the build-up that Spence didn’t seem to be himself. The first was as he arrived in Las Vegas, and the other on the scales.

After losing disappointingly, Spence revealed his desire to secure another helping.

Errol Spence Jr. wants a Terence Crawford rematch

In his post-fight interview, Spence said: “We’ve got to do it again. I’m going to be a lot better. It’ll be a lot closer. It’ll probably be in December and the end of the year. I say we’ve got to do it again.”

On losing in such a damaging manner, Spence added: “He was just better tonight. He was using the jab. My timing was a little bit off. He was just the better man tonight.

“But he was just throwing the hard jab,” said Spence. “He was timing with his jab. His timing was just on point. I wasn’t surprised by his speed or his accuracy. It was everything I thought.”

Later on social media, Spence reiterated his stance.

Congrats to Teren Crawford. Good s***! – Hopefully, we can do it again before the end of the year.”

Shawn Porter, who fought both men, believes any return for the pair wouldn’t be as one-sided as the first.

“He’s going go home, he’s gonna talk to the team, they’re going to analyze this and figure it out,” Porter told TMZ on Spence. “I’m an advocate for the rematch.

Crawford vs Spence II at 154

“The point of all that is, Errol Spence’s ability to make adjustments, he can come in stronger, especially at 154.

“Mentally, he’s so strong that I think this is just a wrinkle in his career. I think he wants to fix that wrinkle.”

Manny Pacquiao also doesn’t believe a rematch is needed.

“I didn’t think the fight would end like that. I thought it would finish twelve rounds, but Crawford did good, he did a good job,” Pacquiao said in a video captured by FightHub TV.

Asked if he was now number one pound for pound, Pacquiao added: “I think so, I think so.”

“I don’t know if there’s a rematch clause, but it was a one-sided fight.”

Floyd Mayweather also stated that Spence should fight at a much higher weight class. That could be the most significant sticking point for the second fight.

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