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Teddy Atlas taking bad scoring petition to Congress

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Former Mike Tyson trainer and podcast host Teddy Atlas wants significant sports changes following another bad scoring decision in Las Vegas.

Devin Haney got handed a highly debatable victory over Vasiliy Lomachenko when it seemed unlikely the American did enough to win the fight.

In such a scrutinized event on Pay Per View and with so much on the line [undisputed lightweight titles], boxing fans were disgusted that Lomachenko didn’t get a least a draw.

Atlas is taking action now and wants everyone to sign up for change in a boxing reform revolt.

Bad scoring decisions in boxing

The Hall of Fame analyst and philanthropist has seen much throughout his career. But now he’s seen enough. Speaking on his podcast, THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas, Atlas called for establishing a federal boxing commission and posted an online petition form in its support.

Atlas also announced that his team would present the petition and share their concerns with several elected officials to advance this issue before Congress.

In discussing the issue, Atlas stated: “Recent nationally televised professional boxing events have spotlighted unacceptable performances inside and around the ring by officials appointed to maintain the integrity and consumer confidence of the sport.

Not acceptable

“While I recognize the human element is naturally fallible, I cannot, and I think many who love the sport of boxing agree, that this should be acceptable.

“The fighters who sacrifice so much in their training and risk their well-being inside the ring deserve accountability and consequences for the actions, or inaction, by those responsible for the health and safety of the fighters.

“Officiating in boxing — from the commission to the referees, judges, inspectors – need to recognize this and step up. However, it’s time for the entire process to be overhauled and elevated to the same standard as major league sports.”

He added: “There needs to be a centralized and standardized authority to supervise the sport of boxing – not unlike how the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc., manage their affairs.

“In most cases, a position on a boxing commission is an act of political patronage. Where is the experience and knowledge required to do the job properly?

“Where are the public hearings? Over 20 years ago, the late promoter Dan Goossen tried establishing an official school to train judges and referees based on NFL protocols.

“That’s just one idea I think should be seriously considered.”

Mike Tyson trainer

Atlas, who was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2019, has trained a roster of hall-of-fame fighters. They include Mike Tyson, Michael Moorer, Barry McGuigan, Shannon Briggs, and Timothy Bradley, Jr.

“He’s been a boxing analyst with ESPN for 25 years. Atlas was also featured on NBC Sports boxing Olympics coverage from 2000 to 2016.

“He founded the Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation, in memory of his father, in 1997. It has come to the aid of people in various challenging situations, otherwise falling between the cracks.

The cries by Atlas come at the same time World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman defended the judging. In addition, he argued that many factors around the ring could cause distractions.

This led to World Boxing News calling for fights to be scored behind closed doors on TV monitors. Therefore, this would give the officials the best chance of making the correct decision.

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