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Conor Benn ruined by British rivals for ‘loopholes’ and license mess

This week, Conor Benn was in the firing line again as British rivals Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr. announced their rematch.

Smith and Eubank took part in a press conference to confirm their second fight of 2023. The return comes after Smith stopped Eubank in four rounds last January.

Now, as the pair get ready to throwdown again, the ugly subject of Benn and his two failed drug tests raised its head.

Conor Benn innocence

Asked if he believes Benn should give up his plans to fight outside of the UK, Smith said, according to The Guardian: “Yes, because if you’re innocent, it shouldn’t take this long to prove you’re innocent.

“He went silent for two or three months. That’s because you’re trying to find the best sports lawyers and nutritionists to look at a loophole around how it got in his system.

“I feel like they’re still doing that now.”

On the fact Benn wanted to lure Eubank to the Middle East to resurrect their failed clash resulting from the sample leaks in October, Smith added: “I knew in the background they [Eubank’s team] were trying their best to make the Conor Benn fight.

“I think the final straw to them came only two weeks ago when the board stood firm. The post they put out was aimed at Eubank.

“If Eubank goes ahead and fights Conor Benn, he’ll be dealt with. And fair play to Chris. I think he’s probably thought in the long run: ‘Where do I go after Conor Benn if I burn my bridges with the British Boxing Board?'”

Smith vs Eubank II

Airing his thoughts on whether Benn is guilty, Eubank stated: “It’s clear as day. Get his British boxing license back so that he can fight in the UK.

“We can do it where the fight makes the most sense, where it’s supposed to happen. Not in the Middle East or when all these things are going on about [about Benn being suspended]. He has to clear his name.”

Confirming that he did look into the fight, Eubank admitted: “I entertained it. I thought about it.

“But this is the fight [Smith rematch] which made the most sense for me. I have to avenge the loss.”

He concluded on negotiations: “We don’t need to talk about how far apart we were in talks. But when I had to weigh up my options, I decided against it.”

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