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Home » Boxing prodigy Vassilis Topalos,16, dies after catastrophic incident

Boxing prodigy Vassilis Topalos,16, dies after catastrophic incident

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Young boxing prodigy Vassilis Topalos – tipped to be a future professional world champion, died after a series of tragic circumstances left him in an intensive care unit.

Topalos, just 16 years old and with European Youth honors to his name, suffered a catastrophic incident in mid-December.

The Greek boxer was sparring at Tavros Gym when he became unwell, as reported by Proto Thema. The training session was immediately stopped, and Topalos returned to the locker room to try and gather himself.

Vassilis Topalos injury

However, he fainted and hit his head on the floor, adding to already suspected injuries to his skull.

Those present called medical services, and Topalos was subsequently rushed to Tzanios Hospital. Doctors fought hard to save Topalos and placed the teenager in ICU.

He remained there for more than two weeks but sadly succumbed to his injuries.

The Deputy Minister of Sports in Greece, Lefteris Avgenakis, has opened an investigation after releasing a solemn statement on the incident.

“The sports family of our country mourns the loss of the young boxing champion, Vasilis Topalos,” said Avgenakis.

“Many question marks remain. But I am sure that the ongoing investigation will shed light on every aspect of the unclear circumstances of his fatal injury.”

Hellenic Boxing Federation reaction

The Hellenic Boxing Federation [EOP] is distraught at the events.

“We will immediately file a complaint against everyone responsible for investigating and attributing any criminal liability.”

They added: “Gone is our Golden Child, our smiling Vassilis, the born Champion with a heart of pure gold. Unspeakable sadness for the Hellenic Boxing family.

“Words cannot express what we feel. We are all devastated. Vasilis, you left us too soon. We will always remember you with love and nostalgia.

“Condolences to his family and loved ones. Let the soil that will cover you be light. You will forever be in our hearts.”

Unspeakable circumstances

In addition, given the information regarding the unspeakable circumstances that left a 16-year-old dead, it is hard to comprehend the loss.

Whether it was the sparring, the fall, or a combination of both is yet to be ascertained.

Nikos Yidakos, a trainer in the gym, spoke to Proto Thema to give his first-hand account. He said Topalos was found by another young fighter, Alik Lagazashvili, who heard the fall and went to the locker room to check on his gym mate.

Lagazashvili informed the father and owner of the establishment, and they called the emergency services.

Sadly, despite surgery to remove a hematoma, Topalos couldn’t be saved.

Furthermore, WBN would like to offer our condolences to the family of Vassilis Topalos at this tragic time.

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