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Home » Ex-boxing champion shocks by sharing image of deer killed on hunt

Ex-boxing champion shocks by sharing image of deer killed on hunt

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Former super middleweight world boxing champion Anthony Dirrell caused outrage by killing a deer and posting the slain animal on social media.

Dirrell, who got knocked out by Caleb Plant in his last fight, engaged in a polarizing past-time that is yet to get banned in the United States.

The fact Dirrell killed a deer legally is not the problem, though. The problem is Dirrell sharing his kill with a smile on his face on social media.

People are fighting for a worldwide ban on food or trophy hunting. Therefore, engaging in the practice is known to take place and largely frowned upon in 2022.

The boxer choosing to post the dead buck enraged fans as Dirrell happily smiled and showed off his kill after taking out the defenseless and majestic beast.

Some of the comments in response to Dirrell’s act are not publishable. But the ones that are don’t paint the Michigan man in a good light after his exploits.

Anthony Dirrell backlash

“Absolute bell***,” said one. While another added: “I didn’t realize Americans were so short that they still have to hunt for food. Oh no, wait.”

A third stated: “Not cool. Very disappointed in you.”

Concluding, one other posted: “Too bad. Now I know why you’ve never been a world champ [Dirrel has been a world boxing champion]. You hunt and kill deer just for fun is sick.”

Another just posted the video of Dirrel getting knocked out by Plant with a beautiful shot in a Knockout of the Year contender. They asked where Plant was when you needed him.

Deer hunting regulations

Such is the diversion in America – many states see nothing wrong with the practice – as one defender of Dirrell retorted.

“People have zero understanding of wildlife management or food poverty if they think hunting for food is inhumane to wildlife.

“It saves their ecosystem from diseases and starvation due to overcrowding.”

Regulations surrounding deer hunting read: “Hunting deer is a regulated activity in many territories. In the United States, a state government agency such as the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) or the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) oversees the regulations.

“In the United Kingdom, it is illegal to use bows or rifles chambered in bores smaller than .243 caliber (6mm) for hunting.”

Boxing champion respect

This may be a valid point. But posting it to social media will be seen as insensitive to vegans and animal lovers worldwide. It may have been a better decision by Dirrell to share it privately and not be so pleased about the killing.

That seems to be the only bone of contention over what Dirrell chose to do on Tuesday. Respecting others’ wishes not to see it on their timeline should have stopped the former boxing champion in his tracks.

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