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Home » Jake Paul floods Hasim Rahman Jr’s Instagram account with bots

Jake Paul floods Hasim Rahman Jr’s Instagram account with bots

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Jake Paul flooded Hasim Rahman Jr’s Instagram account with bot followers after noticing his opponent was struggling in that department.

Paul boosted Rahman from a few thousand at the announcement of their August 6th fight to over 250,000 when they met at the press conference.

Jake Paul bots

Rahman called Paul out for it at the time.

“Why did you buy me, followers, then?” Rahman Jr asked Paul. “Why did you bot me, followers? Boxing doesn’t have anything to do with followers.”

On the money side and Rahman getting zero from the Pay Per View, he added: “I didn’t ask you for nothing. What are you talking about?

“I didn’t ask you for more money. But I never asked for more money.

“I took the lowest amount at the highest level. I’m the highest-level opponent you’ve faced. But I’m getting the lowest amount of anybody that you have fought.”

Hasim Rahman Jr’s Instagram

World Boxing News looked into the follower situation regarding Rahman. The integrity of his account is now at 54% due to the bots.

That’s a low score for any Instagram account and will have a detrimental effect if Rahman doesn’t remove them.

Hasim Rahman Instagram

Overall audience credibility is at 75%. However, that would have been closer to 99% had Paul not thrown a load of bots into the mix.

The pair will be able to thrash out their differences in a couple of weeks.

Rahman Sr

Rahman’s father, Hasim Sr, who won world titles at the heavyweight limit, aired his views.

“I’m excited like everyone else. I don’t know how I’m going to feel when Jake’s 100 million fans hate my son [when he beats him]. They’re going to hate him.”

“I think he’s been disrespectful [looking past my son] because Jake is a real fighter, and we respect that.

“But I think that he’s moving too quickly. I think he picked the wrong guy at the wrong time.”


Stephen Espinoza, President of Showtime Sports, believes the event has the ingredients to appeal across the board.

“Jake could have taken an easier touch. But that’s not him. After Tommy Fury pulled out of the fight, Jake went looking for an even bigger challenge.

“They found a tougher challenge than they probably should have taken. Someone bigger than Jake, more experienced as an amateur, more experienced as a pro.

“Why take a fight that almost everyone around you is telling you not to take? There’s one reason, Jake Paul is trying to prove himself as a credible professional boxer. And what he’s doing is unprecedented.”

“Strip away his celebrity status and his success as a content creator. What he’s striving for is no different than any other professional boxer.

“It’s no different from Hasim Rahman is striving for – credibility and respect. He’s working to improve his skills and put it all on the line one night in front of a massive crowd here at The Garden.”

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