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Home » Jack Catterall blasts ‘Tartan Tornarsehole’ after 140 mandatory reports

Jack Catterall blasts ‘Tartan Tornarsehole’ after 140 mandatory reports

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Jack Catterall blasted Josh Taylor after reports emerged that the Scot is considering defending his titles due to mandatory orders.

The WBA and WBC came forward with stipulations for Taylor in the wake of the “Tartan Tornado,” losing his belts to Catterall.

Judges in the fight carded the worst scores in the history of British boxing leading to World Boxing News declaring the titles vacant in an unofficial capacity.

Until Catterall gets a second chance at the super-lightweight straps, WBN will not recognize any champion at the weight.

Both men are preparing to return in the coming months. When Catterall announced his intentions, Taylor waded in with a startling insult.

“I can’t wait to put the small gloves on again. I will be a world champion very soon,” said Catterall.

A salty Taylor responded with an unfathomable quip because he lost so severely when they fought.

“This is going to be this crybaby cuddler’s claim to fame. He couldn’t beat the worst, weight-drained version of me. Never mind me on form.

“He’ll get KO’d next time we fight. He doesn’t beat any of the other 140 contenders. When you don’t win, you can put this up and cry all over again.”

Taylor’s words defy comprehension as he got defeated and must know that was the case deep down. It may be his way of dealing with his first loss.


However, Catterall returned with a retort that sent the boxing world into a frenzy of laughter.

“Here he is, the “Tartan Tornarsehole.” Come on, Josh, you said you’re moving up after the fight? But you’re talking about mandatories now at 140.

“Come on, Joshua, you can’t fool the fans. Let’s fight next so I can jab that big square head in again.”

Jack Catterall Belts Undisputed

The responses to Catterall from fans declaring the post one of the best on social media must have been defeating for Taylor.

Hopefully, if Taylor fights at 140 again, he gives Catterall the opportunity he deserves. If not, WBN will never recognize him as the champion.

He lost his titles in all but competent judging.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

WBN Editor Phil has over ten years of boxing news experience. Follow WBN us on Twitter @WorldBoxingNews.