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Home » Kiko Martinez shows off horrific injuries from Josh Warrington headbutts

Kiko Martinez shows off horrific injuries from Josh Warrington headbutts

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Kiko Martinez took a battering in more ways than one on Saturday night as the Spaniard lost his IBF featherweight title to Josh Warrington.

Defending the belt he won from Kid Galahad in Leeds, Warrington’s hometown, Martinez got destroyed from the off. Sadly, not just by punches on the part of Warrington, though.

Consistent use of the head by Warrington was sickening to watch. It was somehow allowed by British referee Marcus McDonnell without any point deduction from Warrington’s total.

This scenario comes from the same referee who had four weeks off between refereeing the Jack Catterall farce against Josh Taylor.

In the aftermath, Martinez put out a picture of his face that was a horrific mess from the forward motions of his opponent’s forehead.

Warrington was a fireball from the first bell and probably had Martinez’s number anyway, just like their first fight, but that doesn’t excuse the tactics used and the lack of authority at protecting the champion.

Social media is awash with criticism aimed at Warrington. Also, the organizers of the event, the officials, and the broadcasters for not recognizing the significance of what transpired.


Kiko Martinez face headbutts

Martinez took solid smacks to the face that opened him up time and again. Warrington’s strikes left him a bloody mess he displayed for all to see in the aftermath.

Nobody expects anything to happen regarding this situation, and nobody expects anything to change. However, British boxing is currently taking a hammering around the world and has to begin to understand why this is the case.

Warrington left the ring himself with a broken jaw.

But many aired their opinion on the injury. Some say it could have directly resulted from the force due to one of his headbutts.

Either way, Martinez was wronged and stood no chance due to a lack of authority. Boxing is not striking with the head and should face tougher policing inside those ropes.

The same gets said about rabbit punches. They can do the worst kind of damage to fighters who lay their lives on the line each time.

Kiko Martinez faces time out the ring that will also cost him a future purse, something the former titleholder won’t get compensated for it, even though it wasn’t his fault.

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