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Home » You Jurk! – Dillian Whyte sparring partner breaches Tyson Fury blackout

You Jurk! – Dillian Whyte sparring partner breaches Tyson Fury blackout

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Dillian Whyte got pictured for the first time sparring for the Tyson Fury fight on April 23rd in what seems to be a mistaken blackout break.

The Briton is not playing ball regarding the event’s promotion after failing to show up for the press conference or mention the Fury fight on social.

Whyte is currently embroiled in arbitration as he seeks an extra twenty-five percent of the most significant purse bid recorded for a mandatory order.

Frank Warren bid $41 million to secure the rights for a Wembley showdown. With his twenty percent share, Whyte stands to gain a cool $7 million and change.

But if he wins the argument, Whyte stands to take home a massive $16 million of the enormous pot. That total even extends to over $20 million with the ten percent winners bonus.

Therefore, until the situation gets sorted, Whyte won’t adhere to toeing the line on the pre-fight expectations, which looks to include any updates on his training camp.

No posts on Instagram regarding the fight are evident, with Whyte’s last gym update posted on Boxing Day 2021.

Since then, Whyte has posted various memes and clips of animals. But nothing on the fight except for gloating to Top Rank about his self-exclusion to random posts.

That all changed this week when German heavyweight Viktor Jurk aired a photo of Whyte on his Instagram account. He deleted the post soon after.

Dillian Whyte Viktor Jurk


Jurk had 32 posts when the Whyte image went up. He now has 31 to clarify wiping the snap off his account.

However, WBN managed to get hold of the picture fans commented on afterward. With some believing that Whyte could be planning on matching Fury by coming in at his heaviest weight yet.

There are no prizes for guessing why Jurk got drafted to Portugal to go some rounds with Whyte. He’s six-foot-eight inches tall and a southpaw.

The 4-4 puncher, without a fight since 2019, is now more focused on earning money for sparring than boxing professionally.

Who knows whether this will be the case on fight night as Whyte attempts to dethrone Fury of the WBC crown in London.

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