Amir Khan accused of being ‘in Cuckoo Land’ over his views on PPV fight

Kell Brook

Lawrence Lustig

Amir Khan faced a retort to his claims that Kell Brook is not on his level as the pair approach eight weeks out from their 2022 collision.

The Bolton man made the statement against Brook as the pair engaged in media week promotions for the Manchester battle.

Aside from taking knocks over making the fight too late, Khan and Brook are entirely focused after the fight sold out in minutes.

Brook believes he’s got a lot of shutting up to do once he does trade blows with Khan on February 19th.

“Levels below!? He’s in Cuckoo Land. He needs to go back to believing he’s a celebrity,” said Brook. “This fight is the icing on the cake.

“This fight is a grudge match. This is what I want. I am sick of people asking me about this fight.

“I’ve been in with the pound for pound best in the world. This is an easy fight for me.”

On what will happen when the bell rings, ‘Special K’ added: “You’re getting knocked out.

“This is my first fight. Forget my legacy. I’m going to knock you spark out. You’ll see, you’re getting it.

“It’s easy to talk a big game. Watch what happens. I’m going to knock you out and look over and go, ‘I told you so.’ Levels below you?! You’re nuts.”

Amir Khan
Lawrence Lustig


The Sheffield man concluded: “You’ve never acknowledged me. I’ve heard you say, ‘Who is Kell Brook?’

“I know you know who I am. I can’t want to spark you. I’m going to retire you.

“We will see who the king of the north is. I’m so happy this fight has gotten made. It means everything to me. As I said, I am treating it like it’s my first fight.”

Provided the UK surge of Covid-19 doesn’t impact the event, Khan and Brook will begin ramping up their preparations in the New Year.

Khan is training alongside Terence Crawford – a man who has beaten both men – in the United States. Brook has gone back to basics at home with old trainer Dominic Ingle.

It’s all to play for on Sky Sports Box Office.

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