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Sylvester Stallone doesn’t know actor he initially cast to play Apollo Creed

Sylvester Stallone celebrated the 45th anniversary of his world-famous Rocky franchise by posting a photo of the initial actor cast to play Apollo Creed.

Before Carl Weathers immortalized himself in the role, Stallone revealed that he’d given the job to somebody else. The only trouble is, ‘Sly’ can’t remember the guy’s name.

Speaking about training for Rocky’s release in 1976, Stallone said: “For people that are into little-known facts, here’s one.

“I don’t remember this gentleman’s name, but until Carl Weathers showed up, this fella was going to play Apollo Creed! Fate or just bad luck?”

Rocky Balboa Sylvester Stallone


Creed is a now-iconic character that seemingly only Weathers could play. But that fateful casting came later into the production.

On another note, Stallone has been promoting a podcast series called ‘The Comeback’ – as he recently explained.

“Is this difficult life is getting you down, and sometimes you just wanna throw up your hands and quit?

“Check out this is a life-affirming podcast of remarkable individuals who have battled the odds and come out triumphant.

“Their stories are incredibly human stories that everyone will relate to. You can find this podcast on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you get your podcast.

“Thank you, and don’t miss it. You’ll love it.”


Also, Stallone thanked Life Magazine for profiling the 45 years of Rocky Balboa in a special edition.

“I would like to thank the people at Life Magazine For this new and rare edition that Chronicles the 45 plus years of The Rocky films and more.

“Except for my family, this is the greatest journey and career a man could ever ask for. And all I can say is keep punching to all the faithful.”


It’s since gotten noted by Rocky IV and Creed II star Dolph Lundgren that a spin-off could be in the works delving deeper into the life of Russian robot Ivan Drago.

Lundgren, who works with Sylvester Stallone on The Expendables 4, let slip about the project in an interview for the forthcoming release.

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