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Home » Liam Smith vows to show city rival Anthony Fowler he’s a step above

Liam Smith vows to show city rival Anthony Fowler he’s a step above

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Liam Smith is convinced he’s just too good for the up-and-coming Anthony Fowler – as a former world champion with the better pedigree.

The pair of Liverpool men share the ring on October 9th on the waterfront of their home city, knowing the winner will be on the path to a world title shot.

Fowler, a former Team GB member with a solid amateur background, has already faced a setback in his career against Scott Fitzgerald.

Smith, who has recovered from two recent losses and a previous one against Canelo Alvarez in 2016, obviously sees himself as the stronger competitor.

“This is a fight that was put towards me and not one I was looking at,” said Smith.

“I think Anthony’s team was hoping, but once we spoke about the fight, and this was the path we were going. I said it’s a fight that I’ll take. It’s a fight that makes me smile.

“It’s a fight that I’ll be bang up for.”


On heading home for the first time since 2019, “Beefy” added: “I’m buzzing to be top of the bill again, on a card like this, against another Liverpool fighter who I can get my teeth into.

“I’m looking forward to it. It’s a little bit like the Eggington thing, with 10-ounce gloves on, in fight shape with a bit of a crowd.

“I’ll just show him I’m that little bit of a step ahead, and he wasn’t ready for that step up just yet.

Liam Smith Anthony Fowler

“I think he’s [Anthony] competitive. I think he’s a good fighter for four rounds. But he reverts to what he does once the fight goes past four rounds, the fights only going one way.

“Obviously, you know how bad Anthony is on social media, so imagine me losing to him on social media. I’ve got to live with photos, live with that for the rest of my life.

“Everything like that got taken into consideration. It’s a big fight that makes me smile. It’s a fight that I can get bang-up for.

“He’s got a lot to deal with in the next nine weeks, a lot of pressure, the build-up side to the fights. I’ve been in with bigger punches, better fighters. I’ve been in local derbies with my brothers, he’s got a lot to deal with in the coming weeks, and it’ll be interesting to see.”


On how the fight might end, Smith concluded: “I believe I’ll stop him, 100%. I’ll be wary of his power the same I’d be wary of anybody’s power on this table.

“He’s got 10-ounce gloves on. I’m not deluded, I’ve been in boxing a long time, and I think one shot can change the fight with anyone.

“People are getting a little mixed up. If Anthony loses, where does he go? He’s 30.

“My point being is, people forget Anthony is 30. They’re asking why he took this. He didn’t have to. He did have to take this fight. He’s 30. That’s where it lies. He’s not a prospect no more.”

Liam Smith vs. Anthony Fowler is live on DAZN on October 9th.