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World Boxing Association rule out, “don’t agree” with one title per division

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World Boxing Association President Gilberto Mendoza has ruled out reducing the number of championships per division to just one sole ruler.

Under fire due to corruption and racism allegations within the WBA, Mendoza will actively seek to remove some interim straps, though.

But asked if he would sculpt the many titles in the WBA ranks to a single number, Mendoza said he’d consider reducing interim statuses but wants to improve the stature of the new “WBA Gold belt” at the same time.

He also said he disagrees with having just one champion himself.

“A plan is coming,” promised Mendoza to ESPN Deportes. “We are not looking to do it for popularity. But we are going to reduce the number of titles.

“That flexibility that we had with the titles, we are going to eliminate it little by little.

“It is something that the public has asked for, even if I am not one hundred percent in agreement with that change. I feel that with more titles, we give the fighters more opportunities. But I understand that the public is very important.”

In 2013, Mendoza exclusively informed WBN he would eradicate the “regular” title beginning with the heavyweight division. When a planned tournament fell apart, the whole blueprint then collapsed.

Acknowledging this fact, Mendoza added: “I know that on other occasions I have said [we’d have fewer titles].  I have not been able to fulfill that. But now I am going to do it.

“I’m saying this with my feet on the ground after having analyzed the numbers. Having analyzed the situation generated with the number of controversies there’s been, and concerning the level of legal conflicts, it will simplify things for the WBA.”

Saying all the right things, Mendoza then gazumped himself by admitting he won’t be heading down the one champion per division road.

“I am not telling you that I am going to stay with a single champion, but yes, most of the divisions I am going to stay [like now?].

“It is a difficult plan. I hope that in October we will start it. I do not know how long it can take.”

Joe Joyce
Lawrence Lustig


In conclusion, Mendoza added that the newly-added World Boxing Association Gold belt will take higher precedence despite his plan.

“I do not know in which divisions the interim belts will be removed and in which divisions the regular and the super champions will remain.

“We are going to strengthen the Gold belts that we have.”

It seems nothing will be done, as per usual. A few interim straps may go. However, the Gold belt that nobody wanted is here to stay – apparently.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.