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Ongoing Floyd Mayweather admissions closing curtain on 25-year career

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Floyd Mayweather is keeping himself in shape just in case the call comes for another big-money exhibition, although his ongoing admissions seem damaging to any plans.

“Money” recently spent some time ticking over in New York following a drab ten-round move-around with a YouTuber not fit enough to lace his gloves.

He pocketed a hefty eight-figure check for what amounted to less work than an amateur sparring session. So who can blame Floyd for taking the offer?

Not to mention a “reputable” company like Showtime wanted to get involved after initially only Fanmio were confirmed as broadcasters.

A short delay later undoubtedly meant a lot more cash for Mayweather, who at 44 is now a fighting grandfather.

But there’s one stain the five-weight world champion doesn’t seem keen to wash off. Floyd continues to state that he is “robbing the bank” or using his position as a legend with a Pay Per View name to commit a “Money Heist” against the sport.

Mayweather said this at the post-fight Showtime presser. He’s repeated it more than once since then.

“Legalized bank robbery” is another term used by Floyd Mayweather to describe his current run on the exhibition circuit.

Now you have to ask yourself one thing, “who is buying these events?” – Especially if Mayweather is content to throw your hard-earned dollars back in your face?

If he carries on with this declaration, many will turn away from another helping of Mayweather on Pay Per View against a YouTube opponent.

Those buying this kind of event almost certainly seem to be those from the YouTube era. Any true boxing fan in their right mind wouldn’t pay to watch something they know is being described in such a way by one of the participants.

Mayweather’s former fighter, Ishe Smith – who Floyd guided to an unlikely world title – agreed with the terms used. But he also said you couldn’t blame Mayweather if people are lapping it up.

“I will never s— on a man making some money or robbing the bank. Especially a man that retired 50-0,” said Smith.

“Say what you want. But if you were Floyd Mayweather and you had the chance to make ten million-plus for fighting a scrub, you would do it too. Circus or not,” he added.


If Leonard Ellerbe or Stephen Espinoza have any future ambitions of selling something to the loyal boxing fans, maybe they should have a word with Floyd to curb his admissions.

They will only serve to cut his remaining time shorter than it should be after 25 years of entertaining the fans. But saying that, you have to use the word “entertaining” very loosely for what took place earlier this year.

Legends on PPV as a circuit is a lucrative one these days, thanks to social media. However, Floyd could be left behind unless he drops the robbery aspect from his act.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN