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Home » “Manny Pacquiao might walk into another Juan Manuel Marquez car crash’

“Manny Pacquiao might walk into another Juan Manuel Marquez car crash’

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According to one of the most knowledgable voices in the sport, Manny Pacquiao could be running headlong into another Juan Manuel Marquez-style knockout.

Teddy Atlas, who mentored Mike Tyson and subsequently trained many world champions, says Pacquiao fighting Terence Crawford is dangerous.

Due to his ailing speed and age, the ‘Pacman’ slid down the welterweight list later in his career.

Atlas believes he may now have made the wrong choice in going after Crawford.

“I think he [Terence Crawford] can take advantage of timing Manny Pacquiao,” the trainer said on his podcast. “Pacquiao was so fast. He’s still fast.

“He was so quick, not only with his hands but with his feet to close the gap, where he could do things wrong and make them right.

“When he looks to run the red lights and start from too far away, Crawford might time him on the way in.”

Manny Pacquiao Terence Crawford
Chris Farina / Mikey Williams

On the potential for the kind of wipeout Marquez achieved in their ill-fated 2012 fourth meeting, Atlas added: “There might be a car crash.

“[Manny Pacquiao] might pay for running that red light. Whereas in the past, he didn’t pay for it.

“He paid for it once against Juan Manuel Marquez once, and he got knocked out cold,” he concluded.


Pacquiao vs. Crawford remains up in the air. The Middle Eastern Pay Per View initially reported in media has gone cold.

WBN reported the Filipino Senator wants at least one more fight in Las Vegas, meaning both sides may not fully have concluded talks yet

If the battle does get over the line, Crawford will put his WBO 147-pound strap on the line and allow Pacquiao to create more history.

The contest would have been a unification had the WBA not shockingly stripped Pacquiao for wanting to take care of his people during a pandemic.

WBA chiefs gave his title to Yordenis Ugas, who has since found his name mentioned alongside unified ruler Errol Spence Jr.