Ebanie Bridges brands UK commentators ‘a joke’ after re-watching defeat

Ebanie Bridges

Dave Thompson

Ebanie Bridges took exception to the Sky Sports commentary team after re-witnessing her tremendous war with home fighter Shannon Courtenay.

On duty for the broadcast was Sky Sports Head of Boxing Adam Smith and former professional Matthew Macklin.

It was safe to say ‘The Blonde Bomber’ didn’t like their championing of the Matchroom signed Courtenay.

“I’m finally watching my fight and just got through the first two rounds,” she pointed out, accompanied by a laughing emoji.

“Did the commentators forget there were two fighters in there?

“I would throw a combo or counter with shots, and they just neglected it. Then they comment on Shannon’s combos that are all blocked. What a f—– joke they are!

“Calling me wild and wooly after the second round when I was so tight crisp and clean. I throw short punches and have a tight defense. Maybe they meant wild and wooly to Shannon?”

Bridges continued after watching a few more rounds: “The number of punches I blocked and used parries with my hands/arms. My defense so far halfway through was great.

“I mean do these commentators know anything about boxing?”

Ebanie Bridges
Dave Thompson

In response to comments in agreement, she added: “I agree like you know I was blocking and parrying a lot. Countering even Shannon said, “her defense is too tight.”

“She saw nothing was landing. It’s like the amateurs where they score work rate but neglect to care if it lands or not.

“Clearly, their eyes aren’t crisp enough to see me blocking 98% of punches with my short slipping, guards and parries from ringside, Bridges concluded.

It’s sadly not the first time this kind of criticism has raised its head at Smith or Macklin. According to social media chatter, the mute button seems to be a regular part of UK viewers’ lives in recent times.


The fight went Courtenay’s way via a close unanimous decision at the end of ten rounds. Bridges had a hellacious eye ailment from a headbutt earlier in the conflict that ultimately cost her the fight.

For the final two rounds, Bridges was unable to see out of her left eye. The consensus is that the fight was level through eight.

Maybe a severe case for a rematch if Ebanie Bridges would agree to travel back to the UK for a battle in the future.

Eddie Hearn and several other promoters are reportedly preparing offers to sign the eye-catching bantamweight challenger.

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