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Floyd Mayweather makes it rain as he combos heavy bag

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Five-weight world champion and former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather is back in the gym ahead of an expected comeback to the ring later in 2021.

Hundred dollar bills rained on the ‘Money’ man as he smashed the heavy bag, making a statement of intent regarding his future.

Mayweather, consistently linked to facing a YouTube opponent on his return to action, is yet to make an official announcement.

Plenty of high-profile names, past and present, have mentioned Mayweather over the past year, although any fight will not be professional or likely competitive.

All about the cash-flow and ‘currency’ as he outlined in his latest post, Mayweather is not about to risk his legacy to face Manny Pacquiao again or any of the current welterweights.

Whoever has the most social media followers or YouTube subscriptions will be top of Floyd’s wanted list.

You only have to look at Floyd Mayweather on Instagram to know where his focus now lies. The legend’s latest posts are awash with advertisements.

He’s still making millions in endorsements. Any boxing event is merely a sideshow to add more zeros to his paychecks.


The chances of ever seeing the most lucrative PPV of all time again seem to be remote. Mayweather has never shown interest in doing it twice, even in an exhibition capacity.

In the final year of his glittering boxing career, Pacquiao will then pursue his dream of becoming President of the Philippines. He may never return to boxing unless it benefits his people.

Mayweather could be one of the only future exhibitions that could lure Pacquiao back from political duties.

But that’s all down the line. For now, Mayweather plots what amounts to a ‘Celebrity Boxing’ show on Fanmio. Pacquiao is on the brink of confirming his next foe, believed to be Mikey Garcia.

Once those bouts are out of the way, boxing will potentially have to come to terms with the two biggest names of the last 25 years being out of the professional ranks.

The sport will be a far less glamorous place without them.

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