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Home » Floyd Mayweather blasts boxing racism – says nobody wants Pac vs. Mac

Floyd Mayweather blasts boxing racism – says nobody wants Pac vs. Mac

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Floyd Mayweather has blasted racism in boxing as the former pound-for-pound king aired his views on Manny Pacquiao vs. Conor McGregor.

The 43-year-old, who is due to fight in a special exhibition later this year, is unhappy with the sport’s current state.

Outlining his disgust at the ongoing situation in boxing, Mayweather let rip on McGregor, those who dislike him despite his evident skills, and Pacquiao.

Mayweather responded to thoughts aired regarding the love and hate he and McGregor received in extreme measures.

“I saw this post. My take on it is that the world knows con artist McLoser can steal everything from me and be loved. But I’m hated,” said Mayweather, according to reporter Elie Seckbach who says he saw the post in the response section on Instagram.

“That lets all of you know that racism still exists.

“Know, that bum will never be me or be on my level. I’m built differently. My mindset is on another planet, and my skills are second to none.”

Floyd Mayweather McGregor Pacquiao post

He continued: “I’m a natural-born winner. And yes, I talk a lot of trash, but every time I back it up. This is what they hate.

“It’s sad that you can be a poor black kid from the ghetto that has dealt with racism your whole life and work extremely hard to put yourself and your family in a better position. But most of the hate comes from your own people.”


On reports McGregor and Pacquiao were going to fight before the Irishman lost to Dustin Poirier, Mayweather added: “Conor cannot even win in his own sport. But he’s talking about coming back to boxing to fight Pacquiao.

“Nobody wants to see that. It’s like my leftovers eating leftovers,” he added.

As WBN reported yesterday, Mayweather is facing his own decision on whether to delay his comeback.

There’s been a noticeable lack of promotion for the Fanmio event. This fact leads many to believe the exhibition will face a delay.

Regarding Pacquiao, the door remains firmly open for Mayweather and the Filipino Senator to meet again in an exhibition down the line.

However, Pacquiao will have to look away from McGregor in the immediate future. It comes after Poirier wiped out ‘The Notorious in just two rounds.

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