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Home » Nathan Cleverly posts Instragam clip in ‘mental health red flag’

Nathan Cleverly posts Instragam clip in ‘mental health red flag’

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Another day, another Nathan Cleverly Instagram story hits the headlines as boxing fans of the Welshman reacted to a video posted online.

In the wake of former opponent Sergey Kovalev testing positive for synthetic testosterone – canceling the Russian’s next fight – Cleverly aired a clip on his social media.

The one-minute offering, which Cleverly himself named ‘BIZARRE’ (possibly a nod to the WBN article stating his IG was as such), shows the two-time world champion thrusting in his white fronts.

He’s also whaling ‘I am Russia!’ in a gladiatorial-style effort.

Responses pleaded with Clev to seek out some help. Simultaneously, others chose to laugh off the antics as nothing more than Cleverly being his usual Instagram self.

‘Clev the G’ – as he likes to go by on the platform, the retired boxer posts off-the-wall content that not many can fathom.

This behavior not indicative of the Cleverly we were all used to during his fighting days.

Smoking weed, devoting his life to religion, and stripping off whenever he feels like it has become the norm for how Cleverly portrays his persona on the web.

Locked away with his stunning Russian girlfriend, nobody truly knows the whole story on whether Cleverly is laughing at everyone’s expense or struggling mentally.

Facing criticism on the post in question, Clev’s girlfriend has subsequently deleted her Instagram account.


Whatever the case may be, fans are concerned.

“Horrible to see this. I am sure the family has done all they can, but this won’t end well if somebody doesn’t step in. Sadly happens to too many retired fighters,” said one comment.

Another added: “Never mind Kovalev taking steroids. I think someone else is taking something a bit stronger. Sad to see loved watching you as a boxer as well.”

WBN’s updates have been used by Cleverly on several occasions since we shone the spotlight on the 33-year-old, who attempted to reassure fans by highlighting several passages.

Those posts remain on his dr_clev_g Instagram.

But what’s going on with the ex-two-weight world title challenger nobody one hundred percent knows for sure.

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