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Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury unsure if Anthony Joshua wants to fight

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Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has questioned whether Anthony Joshua actually wants to fight him after failing to reveal his willingness during a live interview.

On this Saturday night’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by Fury, alongside Dame Joan Collins, comedian Russell Kane and presenter Maya Jama.

World champion boxer Tyson Fury confirms he wants to fight Anthony Joshua. He’s not sure if that is reciprocated.

“Next year, the fight has to happen. He came over his final hurdle last week against Pulev. And now we’re both free to make this fight. I’m willing to do the fight,” Fury told host Jonathan Ross.

“He was asked the question, ‘Do you want to fight Tyson Fury?’ very plain and simple, and he never answered the question. It was a simple yes, or no answer, wasn’t it?

“Then they said, ‘Do you think you’re the best heavyweight in the world? And he went [holds hands up]. Didn’t answer the question. Ask me, do you want to fight Anthony Joshua? Jonathan asks him, and he replies: “Yes.”

Then Tyson is asked who is the best heavyweight in the world, and he says: “Me, by a mile. There we go, that’s how you answer the question.”

Tyson Fury


Tyson adds of Joshua: “He’s a great fighter, Olympic gold medallist, two-time heavyweight champion just like me, he’s won all the best, he’s a great, great athlete. Of course (I have respect for him).”

He adds whether he likes him: “I don’t know him personally to say I like him or dislike him. From what I’ve seen of him, he seems a decent guy.”

At present, Joshua’s promoter is saying there have been positive talks with Fury’s American handler Bob Arum. A date of May 2021 has been touted but seems unrealistic.


There’s no doubting that Fury is looking forward to trading blows with Joshua, though, if the latter does agree to fight.

Fury added: “He’s (Joshua) unified champion now, I was in 2015 before my problems, and I had to vacate them all.

“So it’ll be the first time since Lennox Lewis 20 years ago that there’s been an undisputed champion.”

Of whether he would carry on if he won the fight, he says: “I’m a creature of habit. I’ve done this since in the womb, basically. Came out fighting, fists ready.

“I’ll continue until there are no more challenges, no more proper challenges to fight. Say when I beat Joshua next year, I’ll have beaten the best from the last era and my era.

“So then there’ll always be someone else to fight,” he pointed out.

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