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Home » Is Floyd Mayweather fighting a YouTuber 50 pounds heavier?

Is Floyd Mayweather fighting a YouTuber 50 pounds heavier?

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Former pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather is set to return to the ring against a YouTuber holding a fifty-pound weight advantage.

That’s the story if you believe what ‘social media influencers’ are currently peddling on their respective platforms.

But is the report factually accurate?

There’s no evidence whatsoever that the rumor holds any weight at this point.

World Boxing News was met with silence when asking Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe for his take. While Mayweather himself, always a stickler for being the first to inform fans on his fights, has not commented.

At this point, the only word we can take is that of a Twitter rumor from those who claim to have ‘insider’ information.

Mayweather, who weighs 150 pounds soaking wet, going up against a YouTuber who scaled almost 200 pounds for his ‘professional debut’ – if that’s what you can call it, seems to be nothing more than a fantasy right now.

Floyd Mayweather
Chris Farina

Even though he’d be a massive favorite to punish the vlogger with the difference in weight, nothing has come from any official sources.

Therefore, in the fact-checking stakes, there are no facts. Mayweather remains retired. He’s currently training fighters until he makes something more concrete.

My guess would be Floyd doesn’t fight this year as he would lose out on several million dollars in gate receipts due to the absence of a crowd.


You also have to consider the massive celebrity presence Floyd would generate with a fight against a YouTuber, and you’re talking up to $20 million in ticket profits alone.

The fight could still make a tidy sum on Pay Per View and through YouTube sales. But whether Floyd Mayweather is ready to risk his reputation to appear on the platform is another story.

Plus, there’s a pandemic to consider.

After the Conor McGregor debacle of 2017, and Mayweather’s admission that he didn’t even train and carried the UFC star for ten rounds, he’s potentially already lost the boxing fans on this one.

But like Mayweather always says, it’s a business opportunity. All money.

In my view, the whole event gives Floyd the chance to take a massive paycheck from those gullible enough to pay for it.

So, can it happen? – Absolutely. Is it happening? – That we don’t know until Mayweather confirms it.

Until that time, nobody can be sure of anything when it comes to Floyd Mayweather. Fifty pounds weight difference or not.

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