Teddy Atlas reveals how Mike Tyson apology went down after gun drama

Mike Tyson Teddy Atlas

ESPN Images

Teddy Atlas and Mike Tyson were a dream team when the heavyweight champion was a teenager until a clash over a family member soured everything.

When Tyson was a teenager, Atlas accused him of making advances on his niece. A drama that ended with Atlas pulling a gun on the younger Tyson in 1982.

They never spoke again and Tyson moved on to a new trainer in Kevin Rooney for his world title run. Their silence lasted more than thirty years.

In 2013, as Atlas was working as a commentator, the trainer recalls how Tyson made advances to heal the rift.

“It was the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, New York and we were doing a show up there,” stated Atlas on his podcast. “It was Mike Tyson Promotions event and he was there.

“I was doing the show and I’m on the air calling the fights. All of a sudden my producer says in my ear, ‘Teddy, don’t want to distract you but Mike Tyson is behind you. Should I send somebody down?

“So I can’t talk back because am calling the fight. I keep doing the broadcast.

“So then he (the producer) starts giving me more information. He says he (Mike Tyson) wants to talk to you and h wants to apologize to you. It’s up to you, do whatever you want.

“So I get up and I turn around when there was a break in the round, I think. There he is and he just said, ‘I’m sorry, I was wrong’.

“It takes a man to do that. I felt that it was sincere. So I thought, ‘if he’s man enough to put his hand out I have got to be man enough or decent enough to accept it.

“It felt real and it meant something, I appreciated it.”


At the time, Tyson himself spoke to ESPN to explain his move. He said: “Life is short. I made amends with everybody.”

Furthermore, n his life spiraling out of control at the time, Tyson added: “I’m recovering and I’m gonna die. If I don’t follow my steps, I’m useless.

“I have a lot of pain. I just want to heal it. That (speaking to Teddy) was part of it, right there.”