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Home » Briggs warns Klitschko: Don’t let me catch you alone!

Briggs warns Klitschko: Don’t let me catch you alone!

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Shannon Briggs has threatened to reignite his lengthy feud with Wladimir Klitschko should the former world heavyweight champion catch him off guard.

‘The Cannon’ is famous for his past exploits in chasing Klitschko around when the Ukrainian was at the top of the division.

Klitschko reigned for a decade, and Briggs fought tooth and nail, unsuccessfully, to get himself a shot at ‘Dr. Steelhammer’.

Briggs has done everything from food-throwing, showing up at the gym, and stealing shoes to pursuing Klitschko in a boat.

Most famously was undoubtedly the latter, in which Wladimir Klitschko ended up getting very wet indeed. The clip below has been viewed over 2.5 million times on YouTube.

A few years later, Klitschko is back in Miami training alongside Evander Holyfield and Antonio Tarver.

The veteran is helping Holyfield prepare for a possible trilogy fight with Mike Tyson.

Holyfield has drafted in Klitschko and Tarver to help himself get in shape at age 57. ‘The Real Deal’ has looked jacked in recent social media posts.

But it’s the inclusion of Klitschko which has intrigued Briggs. So much so that the ex-WBO ruler, who once fought his brother Vitali, fired a warning at his rival.

Briggs told Klitschko to make sure he’s never alone.

“Y’all better as a team. If I catch you (Klitschko) alone, it’s a wrap! #LETSGOCHAMP #chaaammmppp #chillchampchill” joked Briggs.


The fight with Vitali, Wladimir’s older sibling, ended severely for Briggs.

In 2010, Briggs was soundly beaten and hospitalized by Vitali in a one-sided and brutal beating.

Since then, Briggs has targeted Wladimir in a bid for revenge against the clan.

After the loss, 48-year-old Briggs went on a knockout rampage, stoppage eight of nine opponents within two rounds. Seven in the first session to break a new world record.

Despite the form, Briggs could never entice Klitschko into the ring. But with the recent comebacks, who knows whether Wlad could now change his mind.