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Home » Fans joke Shannon Briggs ‘went too far’ with new Klitschko boat prank

Fans joke Shannon Briggs ‘went too far’ with new Klitschko boat prank

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Wladimir Klitschko reported a boat fire to authorities recently as the former world heavyweight champion enjoyed a vacation in Spain.

‘Dr. Steelhammer’ was seen enjoying his time away until a post on Tuesday revealed dramatic events unfolding on a yacht.

Klitschko was rescued by coastguards and luckily nobody was injured.

It wasn’t long before overactive imaginations on Twitter began jokingly speculating about the incident.

Tongue in cheek comments began pointing the finger of blame at Shannon Briggs.

“Is Shannon Briggs still stalking you?” – asked one.

Another said: “Bet it was Briggs… He just loves to follow Wlad across the water.”

Further quips included: “Shannon Briggs took the banter too far this time.” And, “Now I’m not pointing fingers but can anyone account for the location of Shannon Briggs at the time of the fire?”


Obviously alluding to the time Briggs stalked Klitschko for a fight back in the day, the old classic happening once again came to the surface.


Speaking to WBN exclusively in 2018, Briggs recalled what went down.

“I love the English because they can appreciate a nice, positive hooligan,” Briggs told World Boxing News.

“He lives in Hollywood, Florida and at the time I went to a little beach house, an apartment not too far away.

“This one day I got told by someone that he goes out there and paddle boards and I was like, ‘what d’ya mean, on a boat?’ And he said no, he stands on this thing for exercise, I didn’t really think much of it at the time. However – later on, he told me that he’d seen him again.

WATCH the video on Briggs chasing Klitschko HERE


“So, I thought I’d go and mess with him and I wanted it recorded so I could put it on the internet. I went out there three weekends in a row, went out there and three times he wasn’t there. And then I went another day, I couldn’t believe it – he was there.

“All of sudden I saw someone out there and I could see him so there you go. I almost p***** my pants,” he added.

Even though this time around was an accident, it will be pleasing to Briggs that fans still remember his antics fondly.

Klitschko himself had mentioned Briggs previously during his trip.