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Five potential opponents for ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson comeback

The ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ is back in town as heavyweight great ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson gears up to don the gloves once again in a charity capacity.

At the age of 53, one of the most revered figures in the sport is returning for at least one exhibition having begun training under the tutelage of Rafael Cordeiro.

Viral videos and photos of a svelt Tyson have fans salivating at the prospect of seeing the former king of Pay-Per-View back in action.

Gone are the sad memories of a defeated New Yorker slumped on the floor in bouts against Danny Williams and Kevin McBride.

It seems a fifteen-year gap is sufficient enough to push those losses to one side.

Tyson was in a bad place at the time. From openly admitting going into fights high on cocaine or marijuana, the podcast host and actor used the last few years of his career simply as a money-making exercise.

Two decades on, and Tyson intends to give proceeds to charity. This adds an extra-special layer to the comeback story amidst plenty of rumors regarding who Tyson could face.

Needing a name everybody is familiar with, five fighters immediately spring to mind.

Here’s a rundown:

5. Lennox Lewis

It could be the unlikeliest pick of the five, although Lewis has to be considered due to holding a victory over Tyson. Lewis has never really wanted to look back since retirement and has consistently said he’d need a massive purse ‘to get out of his ‘pyjamas’ for another fight.  Rating 5/10.

4. James ‘Buster’ Douglas’

The man who began the eventual decline of Mike Tyson, Douglas remains involved in the sport in a training capacity with youngsters. Last time he was spotted, ‘Buster’ was no longer in fighting shape. But he may well be in the frame if he’s shed a few pounds since then. 6/10.

3. Danny Williams

Another man to inflict a loss on Tyson. Williams told WBN he would be interested in accepting any offer if it was the right one.

The Briton has agents putting out the feelers. 7/10.

2. Shannon Briggs

Dancing around a few rounds with Briggs would delight the fans as ‘The Cannon’ brings his exceptional persona and ‘Let’s Go Champ’ catchphrase into the mix.

Currently training for a possible MMA debut, Briggs is always in magnificent shape. He would relish the opportunity. 8/10.

1. Evander Holyfield

The name at the top of the pile. Holyfield announced his intention to fight in an exhibition.

It’s now thought a Mike Tyson trilogy match-up over four rounds for good causes, could be confirmed soon. 9/10.

Bring it on.