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Home » World’s Strongest Men crank up prep for ‘Heaviest Boxing Match’

World’s Strongest Men crank up prep for ‘Heaviest Boxing Match’

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World’s Strongest Men Champions Eddie Hall and Hafþór Björnsson have stepped up training in the days since signing on for Las Vegas’ heaviest boxing match.

Dubbed ‘The BIGGEST Fight of All Time’, Hall vs Bjornsson is a battle of the top two dead-lifters in the business.

Hall broke the world record by lifting 500kg, only beaten recently by Bjornsson at 501kg.

‘The Beast’ says his rival didn’t actually claim the benchmark as it was out of any competition. The gripe eventually spawned the impending Nevada super-bout.

“Training has begun. @thorbjornsson I am coming for you!” promised Hall.

Both men have since plugged their fitness and health programs in a bid to offer fans the opportunity to mimic their heroes.

“@muhdo_health have been working hard to bring to you a Health Insight that you can really use in the current situation,” said Englishman Hall.

“The Muhdo Immunity Health Insight includes crucial information about how your genetics affects your immune system. While also providing real-life, actionable recommendations to boost your immunity.

“Stay safe and stay healthy the best way,” he added.

Hafþór Björnsson

Bjornsson is releasing ‘The Deadlift Gospel’ – which he states: “This is the most comprehensive guide to building a strong deadlift that has ever been written.

“Myself and my coach @australianstrengthcoach have created this 24-week program to celebrate the 501kg (1104.5lb) deadlift I did over the weekend, which is the biggest weight that any human has ever deadlifted in history.

“In The Deadlift Gospel, we not only share the approach I used in the lead up to this momentous lift. But we also provide insight into the training I did in the months and years prior to this.

“We teach you how to use this same approach in your own training. So you can build a strong body and a badass deadlift.

“This program is suitable for all levels of experience. From beginners to the strongest deadlifter in the world.

“This program includes video tutorials for all of the major exercises. As well as a load calculator to make sure you’re using the correct loads throughout the program.

“To get access to your program today, go to”


The pair square off in September 2021.