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Travis Kauffman shares too much after infection problem

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Travis Kauffman was six days into his COVID-19 infection when the heavyweight posted an update containing a peculiar problem from the virus.

The 34-year-old, who is fighting the disease at home in Pennsylvania, has been describing what it’s like to battle the coronavirus.

Hocking up a big loogie at the beginning, Kauffman is having good days and bad at present.

Speaking directly to fans, Kauffman may have gone a little too far with his sharing at one point.

“The worst part of this Covid-19 virus is I threw away like (six pairs of) underwear from sharting so much,” said Kauffman, obviously finding the humor in his condition.

On the support he’s getting from the boxing fraternity, he added: “So just linked up with someone via social media who tested positive for COVID-19 and has recently beat it.

“He said he was symptomatic for ten days before all symptoms cleared. There is hope people. The worst part this far is this throbbing headache and no matter how much Tylenol I take it doesn’t go away.

“So far it is day six for me, and every case is different. Continued prayers are always appreciated because this is truly unpredictable.”

In a separate post, Kauffman shared his thoughts on people reaching out to him.

“It’s funny how certain family members who crossed you and spoke so much s— about you now all a sudden that I’m sick wants to talk to me.

“Nah, I’m cool keep that same energy you had when you were talking that s—.

“I’m a forgiven person but when it has happened so many times in my life with this person I just prefer to distance myself. I love them but I will love them from a distance.”


Kauffman is the first active professional boxer to outline an ongoing case in any detail since the world stopped earlier in March.

The PBC puncher was due back in the ring next month, but instead is fighting hard to shake off his symptoms.

A former WBC-ranked contender, Kauffman has a record of 32-3 and once shared the ring with the likes of Luis Ortiz and Chris Arreola.