EXCLUSIVE: 70-year-old KO branded ‘a ridiculous tank job’, oldest boxer record disputed

Steve Ward Albert Hughes oldest boxer

A protest has been raised over the recently-broken Oldest Boxer of All Time record smashed by 70-year-old Albert Hughes Jr.

Saoul Mamby’s former manager Steven Tannenbaum has contacted the Indiana Boxing Commission to air his concerns over the fight.

Tannenbaum is already in dispute of the Guinness World Record held by Steve Ward, something the ex-Hector Camacho handler believes Mamby far surpassed.

This latest attempt to secure the title by some ten years has been met with disapproval.

“The Albert Hughes Jr. vs Tramane Towns bout (on December 14) was a tank job by Towns. I believe it’s an absolute fix,” Tannenbaum exclusively told World Boxing News.

“View the tape it’s ridiculous. This should not count. I’m contacting the Guinness Book of World Records staff to see if they actually endorsed it.

“I’m also waiting for a reply from the Indiana Boxing Commission to get their take on this charade.

“In my opinion, Towns is an actor/musician by trade, but his fall was not taught by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. It was a complete farce!”

On his conversations with the IBC, Tannenbaum continued: “You can readily see from the tape. It was a dive. I’m 99% sure of and I’ve expressed this to the Commission.

“The bout has to be scratched from the record books and I will make the case for it.

“I implored Joanna Holland (Commissioner) to review the tape. I intend to bring the matter to her bosses, including those at the Governor’s office. The bout should be dismissed entirely.

“I asked later if she viewed the tape but I felt that she was being a little coy with me during my initial chat. She told me, ‘no one has filed a protest’.

“But maybe she knows she shouldn’t have approved the bout in the first place?”

Changing perspective to the Ward record, claimed by the British boxer in 2017 against Andreas Sidon, Tannenbaum also has reservations about that benchmark.

Tannenbaum believes an unrecognized sanctioning body staging the bout means it should be removed from the GWR books.


“Regarding Ward, I haven’t pulled Fight Fax to see if they recorded his bout. If they didn’t, I can’t accept it as a sanctioned contest, even though it was green-lighted by that other body.

“I should tell you that Mamby fought and won a number of bouts in both Africa and Thailand that are mot on his record.

“His sister was a promoter in Africa and he flew out to keep busy. These of course were fought in the last decade or so of his career and he won all these contests when he was in his late 40’s and 50’s.

“Saoul really didn’t care whether they were officially recorded. Mamby loved to travel to different countries and considered it a vacation where he picked up a little extra money.”

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay