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Home » Exclusive: Fury not robbed in first Wilder fight – Sugarhill Steward

Exclusive: Fury not robbed in first Wilder fight – Sugarhill Steward

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Tyson Fury’s new trainer Sugarhill Steward has assessed the draw decision handed out during the first fight with Deontay Wilder.

The pair met in December 2018, with Fury adamant he was robbed of victory by the judges.

After signing a deal with Top Rank and ultimately negating on a planned rematch in May 2019, Fury said he’d only agree to a rematch on his terms.

“The world knows I won the fight as did you and your team,” said Fury. “Fool me once, shame on you but you won’t fool me twice.

“Why would I go get robbed again on Showtime. My team offered to do you a favor, pay you better and build your name. Albeit as my workman. You Big Dosser,” he added.

Promoter Frank Warren was also critical of the scoring that night in Los Angeles.

“Major events featuring compelling showdowns over in the States are being tainted by incompetent judging. It’s just not on. You have the two Canelo-Golovkin fights and now this one,” Warren blasted at the time.

“These judges are not made accountable for their incomprehensible scoring and continue to be appointed to other fights.

“It is just not acceptable. I include the scoring of the British judge in this due to it simply defying logic. “Phil Edwards is a good referee and I have a lot of respect for him, but he got this dreadfully wrong.

“This isn’t bias or a big bunch of sour grapes on our part because the respected observers at ringside all thought Tyson won. Lou DiBella, who is part of Wilder’s team (not anymore), went up to him in the ring after the fight and said to him ‘you won that fight’.”

Despite the failure to agree on how the first bout played out, both sides managed to thrash out a joint deal for the WBC heavyweight title fight.

Wilder and Fury will now clash again on February 22nd in Las Vegas. The world-famous MGM Grand Garden Arena will host.


Hooking up with his coaching replacement for Ben Davison next month, Fury will be working on new tactics for the return.

However, Steward – the nephew of the late, great Manny and who worked with Fury back in 2010, believes his man had to score a knockout due to the circumstances of the last encounter.

“I don’t know exactly (if Fury should have got the decision). In my eyes, it was very close. The decision they made was a fair decision,” Steward exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I believe in one thing, one thing only, if you get a knockout it’s the only 100% sure way you know you’ve won the fight. That’s the way I was trained and I’m a strong believer.

“Get the knockout you don’t have to worry about the decision of the judges,” he added.

On the WBN scorecard, Fury won eight from twelve rounds but could have conceivably had a case for ten.

Above all, it means fans can enjoy a second and potentially third helping in the coming year.

Furthermore, whoever comes out on top in February has already adhered to terms surrounding a trilogy at some point over the next twelve months.

Phil Jay is the Editor of World Boxing News.