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I’ll be a beast! – Chris Eubank Jr. outlines intentions to crack US

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Chris Eubank Jr. feels the timing is perfect as the two-time IBO super middleweight champion readies for a US debut on Saturday night.

The man from Brighton, England – a son of former great Chris Eubank Sr., believes he has all the ingredients to crack America.

Eubank Jr. must first get through Matt Korobov in Brooklyn, but is more than confident he will do so.

Chris Eubank Jr.

“I’ve been dreaming about coming here and fighting in the U.S. since I was a kid,” pointed out Eubank. “You dream about fighting where all your favorite fighters came to perform on the big stage.

“To do it here in New York is special. It’s an iconic place and so many great world champions have come from here.

“I’m not a true super middleweight so I’m excited to be fighting at 160-pounds. I’m going to be a beast. I’m going to be an absolute savage. The power and the speed is going to really shine through against guys my own size.

“Anyone with a belt in the middleweight division, I’m coming for them. If that means Charlo, I’ll be more than happy to get in there with him.

“This is an iconic place to fight, right here in Brooklyn. We’re aiming to make our own history. I’ve done so much in England and I feel like this is the right time to expose myself to the American public.

“My goal is to make a name for myself in the U.S. and broaden our horizons. The fight fans here have known me for a while. But I want to break out past that.

“This is a great starting fight for me in the U.S. After this, it’s 2020 and I’m going to be very active fighting all of the champions.

“I’ve got a lot of fights left in me. I’ve got years ahead of me where I’m going to do a lot of damage. My career is on track and I’m very happy with where I am. I’m ready to go.

I’m here to make a statement. I’ve always been the type of fighter who looks to stop my opponent in spectacular fashion. This is my time to shine. Nobody is going to be able to stop me.”


Firing a warning to anyone and everyone, Eubank added: “There’s going to be a new kingpin in town after Saturday night. I’ve been fighting guys 20 pounds heavier than me. Now you put me in with guys my own weight, it’s going to be devastating

“I’ve had a lot of big fights in the U.K., but now is the perfect time to introduce myself to the American public. Korobov is just standing in my way.

“There were a lot of good opportunities and money to be made at super middleweight so I did what I had to do. Now I’m in a position where there are great middleweight fights in the states so I can be back to my natural weight and takeover.

“I’m not playing around. I’m not here to fight nobodies and coast. I want the big fights and the toughest guys out here so everyone knows I’m the man. Korobov fits that bill as a world class opponent.”