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Tyson Fury on why he had to leave Manny Steward’s Kronk Gym

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Tyson Fury has opened up on his extended spell with the great Emanuel Steward in one of the chapters of his newly-released book ‘Behind the Mask’.

The former heavyweight champion explained the situation regarding Steward. Fury had initially travelled to Detroit in 2009 to seek out the respected trainer.

In his autobiography, out in shops now, Fury revealed he spontaneously jumped on a plane to American in order to announce himself at the famous Kronk Gym.

Walking onto the sacred boxing ground, the 30 year-old said, ‘he was the only white guy in the place’ at that time.

He also wasn’t shy in explaining who he was upon first appearances.

Tyson Fury – Behind the Mask

“Where can I find Manny? – I’m Tyson Fury, the future heavyweight champion of the world,” stated Fury, who had just won the English title in a bout with John McDermott.

Spending the next six months out of the ring, Fury stayed with Steward for a month. Originally, Fury was only supposed to be there for a fortnight.

Steward took a shine to Fury and they quickly clicked. The former coach of undisputed champion Lennox Lewis, Steward had been overseeing the career of future Fury opponent Wladimir Klitschko at that time.

Blending in with cousin Andy Lee already there, Fury was soon one of the most-liked in the gym. He would regularly go out to bars entertaining the locals with his signing.

Fury even stayed with Steward at his home. ‘The Gypsy King’ pointed out, ‘he even bought me an extra-large bed’ when lodging with the legend.

In the end, and once his month had passed, Fury had a big decision to make. Would he stay or would he leave?

Having a young family made it an easy choice for Fury. With his loved ones firmly in mind, he headed home to be with wife Paris and continue his career in the UK.

On March 5th or 2010, Fury returned with a first-round knockout, putting all he learned from Steward swiftly into practice.

The next bout saw Fury rematch with John McDermott, whom he’d shared a tough ten rounds with before heading to the Kronk Gym.

This time around, Fury was dominant. He dropped McDermott twice before taking him out in nine.

Taking in a great deal from Steward ‘like a sponge’, Fury was even invited to work with Klitschko in training camp. Whilst there, he received a pair of boots from the Hall of Fame trainer.

Five years later, Fury would wear those same boots to defeat the man he once trained alongside.

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