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Home » Floyd Mayweather gives TV interview, no mention of Manny Pacquiao talks

Floyd Mayweather gives TV interview, no mention of Manny Pacquiao talks

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Floyd Mayweather made an appearance at Sam’s Town on Friday evening to soak in the action featuring several of his own prospects.

Richardson Hitchins, Kevin Newman and Xavier Martinez were just three of the Mayweather-promoted fighters on show in Las Vegas.

Pulled by Showtime’s Steve Farhood for an on-camera discussion, fingers were crossed that Mayweather would address the Manny Pacquiao rumors.

Several reports from Asia have Pacquiao and Mayweather locked in talks for a massive rematch in 2020. But as Mayweather always says, ‘if he doesn’t confirm, it can’t be true’.

Therefore, it was an ideal opportunity for Mayweather to put any mention of facing Pacquiao again to bed.

Annoyingly, the ‘Money’ man chose to ignore the Filipino altogether.

Instead, Farhood only addressed the participants on the Mayweather Promotions bill. He began by asking Floyd on the importance of this kind of event.

“It’s good to bring young fighters to small shows and slowly build them. So they can get ready for that big stage,” said Mayweather to Farhood on the night.

“The talent, the skills, the speed. Just different things I see in fighters. And when I see potential in a fighter, I want to take them to that next level.

“Hopefully, you know, I’m always on the lookout to find that next Floyd Mayweather.”

Quizzed as to how hands-on he gets with his protege’s, the five-weight ruler added: “I like to give fighters pointers about the small things in the sport of boxing.

“Nothing comes overnight. It’s all about just working hard and surrounding yourself with a positive team.

“The significance is this, a lot of times these shows are not on TV and you may fight a tough opponent. What I’m saying is, you have to start from somewhere to get to where you’re trying to go to. Even like me, I started like this.

“It’s good to just sharpen up your tools and get ready for that big stage.”


On headliner Xavier Martinez, Mayweather concluded: “Xavier is a young kid from Sacramento I’ve been working with. He didn’t have a big amateur background, from what I know. But he’s making a lot of noise as a young professional.

“He’s got the potential to be a world champion some day.”

Mayweather’s words didn’t take long to breed some realism as Martinez took just 21 seconds to blast out Jesse Rosales.

In regards to Pacquiao, either something big is brewing behind the scenes or the sport is once again being strung along by the master media manipulator.