Andy Ruiz Jr. busts Eddie Hearn’s weight loss myth, looks much slimmer

Andy Ruiz Jr. Michael Hunter


Andy Ruiz Jr. stuck it to Eddie Hearn this week by showing off his amazing weight loss after sparring with heavyweight contender Michael Hunter.

The Mexican-American had previously been accused of ‘pretending to lose weight’ by Anthony Joshua’s promoter ahead of their rematch on December 7.

Posting some red herring photos from years ago, Ruiz had been inadvertently fooling some media. His most recent photo with Hunter is clear, though.

Ruiz looks half the man he was for the first fight with Joshua. A fight in which he ripped away the Briton’s four world title belts.

Dropping AJ four times, Ruiz stunned the 2012 Olympic champion with a seventh-round stoppage.

Initially declaring his intention to lose ten pounds from the 268 he scaled in June, Ruiz seems to have lost far more.

Ruiz could be on course to weigh under 250 pounds for the first time since 2016. The only question is, ‘will that ploy work?’

Andy Ruiz Jr. Michael Hunter

‘The Destroyer’ was on the comeback trail when getting a late call to face Joshua initially. Ruiz wasn’t in 100% fighting shape for New York.

That element of surprise was detrimental to Joshua, who admitted taking Ruiz lightly the first time.

Therefore, Ruiz coming in with the same fleshy body shape may have been an advantage for Joshua as the Londoner would then know what to expect.

Shrewdly, Ruiz now believes completely changing his physique is the way to go. This is in order to add that shock element for a second time.

Being the first-ever world heavyweight champion of Mexican descent is all the motivation Ruiz needs to get himself in the best condition possible.

Joshua had been drafting in sparring partner of the ‘chubby’ nature, according to Hearn. That tactic was quickly switched in updated training photos.

Albon Pervizaj, an undefeated young German heavyweight, and Tom Little are far slimmer than the original camp members employed by Joshua.


Hearn’s declaration on Ruiz could simply be his own mind games. The Matchroom Boss freely admits Joshua must win the return to save his career.

In recent interviews, Hearn has stated Joshua would become legendary in becoming a two-weight world champion. Also, that victory in Saudi Arabia would go down in history and an all-time achievement.

On the flipside, Ruiz repeating his feat would firmly cement his place in the upper echelons of the top division It would leave Joshua potentially looking at domestic opponents to resurrect his career.

It’s all to play for and will be revealed upon the outcome in Diriyah.