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Home » Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao 2: The ideal rematch date

Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao 2: The ideal rematch date

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Back in 2015, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao threw hands on May 2nd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fast forward five years and Cinco de Mayo weekend happens to fall on the exact date the pair fought previously.

As rumors continue of talks between the legends over a rematch, the ideal date has become apparent for what could be another Pay-Per-View blockbuster.

It could be written in the stars that ‘MayPac 2’ goes down on May 2nd once again, half a decade to the day of the initial meeting.

Pacquiao is craving a second chance after disappointing fans with his performance nursing a shoulder injury. Mayweather dominated the fight from start to finish.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2

Mayweather has fought only three times since then. Two of which were exhibitions.

Talks have already begun between the pair. But Pacquiao admits he’s not really sure which direction they will take.

“My team and his team are talking right now. This is just about negotiations, about the formal discussions. So I don’t know what will happen,” The Senator told The National.

Whether Mayweather is willing to get serious is another matter entirely. The American may simply want a Japanese money-grab over three to six rounds.

That won’t please the fans, who want a definitive ending to the rivalry.

Back in August, Pacquiao advisor Sean Gibbons of MP Promotions – gave his thoughts to WBN.

“Floyd has said over and over I’m retired and. I’m not boxing. Floyd’s had a couple of opportunities – he was within 4ft of the Senator at the Keith Thurman fight. I hope that’s not as close as we see him in the next year. He was very close, it looked great, he looked nice. But he was wearing a suit he wasn’t wearing any boxing trunks.

“It’s always out there, can it happen? Maybe. Will it happen? We have no idea but in the meantime, the Senator is working on his legacy, where he’s going in boxing.

“His world doesn’t revolve around waiting for Mayweather so he’s looking forward to next year. He’s going to challenge himself again with a top welterweight. Then we’ll see what plays out with the rest of the division.


“Until we get any indication from Floyd, we’re carrying on. We will fight whoever is presented and try to make entertaining fights for another year into 2020. And that’s even though the Senator, at this point in his career, takes one fight at a time.

“Funnier things have happened in life. You just don’t know when that one day is, maybe the guys get the itch. Maybe he says, ‘I’m tired of people talking about it again.

“He likes to talk about being 50-0, that’s wonderful. Senator is 62-7-2 and has won eight titles in eight divisions. Plus he’s still beating the best.

“Floyd, when he was rolling out, beat up an MMA guy and some little poor Japanese guy. His legacy is going out on beating up people on freak shows,” he added.