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Home » Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao rematch is ‘inevitable’

Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao rematch is ‘inevitable’

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A rematch between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is firmly on the cards, according to Ultimate Fighting Championship boss Dana White.

Since Pacquiao defeated Keith Thurman in Las Vegas, talk has turned to the possibility of another installment with Mayweather.

White, who promoted Conor McGregor when the Irishman pushed Mayweather to a record 50-0, sees the two legends going at it at least one more time.

On the back of witnessing Pacquiao take Thurman’s ‘0’, White, like the rest of us, was in awe of what the Filipin Senator continues to achieve at 4o years old.

“He’s awesome. I think it’s incredible (what Pacquiao is doing),” White told Fight Hub TV. “I think him and Floyd (rematch) is probably inevitable. It’s probably going to happen,” he added.

As WBN previously stated, a second clash of the 2015 super-fight – still the richest in history, can make at least two million Pay-Per-View buys.

In the grand scheme of things, MayPac 2 is still the most lucrative encounter in boxing. Even Canelo Alvarez couldn’t match the money-making power the battle possesses.

Canelo signed a $350 million-plus deal with DAZN over ten fights. Mayweather and Pacquiao could still generate that amount in one night. A 2.5m PPV extravaganza earns $250m in the United States alone at $99.95 a pop. That’s without gate receipts or worldwide sales added on.

It’s far too much cash for Mayweather to turn down, despite the fact he continues to insist he’s retired at 42. Pacquiao is signed to his promotional outfit, meaning Mayweather has full control. This may be hard for the American to pass up.

Showtime and FOX PPV are already interested in staging the contest, which could happen in December this year or May 2020.

The added incentive of Pacquiao holding a bonafide world welterweight title into the bargain would only heap on more spice. The majority of fans seem to want it, Pacquiao certainly wants it, and now it’s just down to how much Floyd actually desires another contest.

Many see Pacquiao as the favorite in current form, something which is sure to piss Mayweather off. But will that be enough?

A win for Pacquiao does lead nicely into a trilogy. Mayweather could then make upwards of $300 million on his own for a potential 72 minutes work.

The ball is in his court, just the way Mayweather likes it. And once those numbers are crunched, the five-weight world title-holder could find it tough to resist.

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