Jose Luis Castillo’s son Christian in serious condition after sparring session

Christian Castillo

Christian Castillo/Facebook

Christian Castillo, the son of boxing legend Jose Luis Castillo, is currently fighting for his life following a troublesome sparring session.

The young fighter, with only two professional bouts behind him, was preparing for a third when things went terribly wrong in training.

Castillo was transported to hospital where further complications with his condition were uncovered.

Prayers for the Castillo family have now been asked for as Christian continues his battle.

“Our prayers for the health of a great young boxer, Christian Castillo, son of my friend and former World Lightweight champion, José Luis Castillo. I invite you to join in prayer,” said promoter Fernando Beltrán, of Zanfer.

Brother and fellow boxer Jose Luis Jr. had asked for donations to help the family cope with increasing medical bills.

Jr. was due to compete on the same bill as his brother last Friday but pulled out at the very last minute.

“As you know my brother’s health is in a thread,” explained Jose. “Over the course of yesterday (July 25th), he was even more complicated by infectious pneumonia he captured. It was a critical moment so we had to move him to another hospital.

“Because of this, yesterday’s night was very stressful and overwhelming and I decided not to fight. Not for fear of me going to win, or fear of my opponent, but if for all the whirlwind of things that wouldn’t let me be 50% focused for my fight.

“When you get in the ring risk your life, and if we go up without total concentration we are calling death to get closer to where we are. We don’t have to give more reasons for death.

“An apology to all who had bought a ticket to go support me. There will be another time with a better situation.

“Thanks to Symmetry Gym, my boss Ilse White, to my namesake Jose Luis Mezquita, and Pablo Gerardo for the support they have given me. Will are postponed for an upcoming date soon.”

Castillo adds to a tragic week in boxing which saw the deaths of Maxim Dadashev and Hugo Santillan just days apart.


A Go Fund Me page, set up by Jose, has already raised over $3,000 of their $20,000 goal.

To donate, however big or small, visit HERE

Christian Castillo, a professional boxer who only had 2 fights, suffered an accident while preparing for his next fight during sparring session.

A great friend, a great brother and a great son, is willing to do everything to fight the fight of his life. But his family needs to take care of the economy issues and would be more than thankful to be helped with this.

May God bless every soul that can help us with this. – Jose Luis Castillo Jr.

WBN would like to offer our hope that Christian makes a full recovery.