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CONFIRMED: Zab Judah NOT in a coma, suffered bleeding on the brain

World Boxing News can update on the situation regarding Zab Judah following the release of further information.

Representative Jolene Mizzone spoke to Judah’s mother on Sunday and was informed Judah is not in a coma.

Several boxing personnel had taken to social media to state Judah had been induced to a comatose state.


Mizzone has since revealed this was exaggerated information.

Judah, 41, has been worked on by doctors after complaining of feeling unwell at dinner. ‘Super’ underwent a CAT scan but is ‘eating, walking and talking’.

According to CompuBox, Judah shipped over 300 head punches in losing to Cletus Seldin in eleven. This lead to serious fears his ailment could have been much worse.

It’s hoped Judah will make a good recovery. There are hopes he could be released from hospital as early as Tuesday.

A post retweeted by ESPN’s Steve Kim from @suziec611 first shed light on the situation of Judah.


“Just confirmed Zab Judah from family he is not in a coma but he is in the hospital. He is in good spirits. Zab was not feeling well after his fight and decided to take the extra step of precautions to make sure he physically okay.”

Mizzone then came across with an update.

“Zab was never in an induced coma. He had bleeding on the brain but did CAT scan today and swelling went down a little. He is eating, walking and talking.”


In an exclusive interview with WBN prior to the fight, Judah had been in confident mood.

He stated: “I came into the game in 1996 as a professional at 140lbs. It’s 2019 and I’m competing. Still campaigning at 140lbs! They always say, ‘Zab Judah’s not disciplined’, but if you don’t call that discipline – I don’t know what discipline is.


“Let me put a little bit of butter on top of the croissant. In 1993 I won my first Golden Gloves at 139lbs. I’ve seen Madonna take off for 3-4 years and turn into the Goodyear blimp!

“You’re only as old as you feel. I learned that the power of words is super-powerful. The moment you start uttering out your mouth that you’re old or getting older. When you put that in your mind and the universe – your body reacts to that.”

WBN would like to wish Zab well in his recovery.