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Amir Imam files $1.5m lawsuit against Don King, took $29k of $300k purse

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Former world title challenger Amir Imam, (21-2-0, (18 KOs), has filed a lawsuit in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for the immediate release from his promotional agreement with Don King Productions, Inc.

The suit alleges a pattern and practice of unfair and deceptive trade practices that DKP has employed against his fighters over the years.

The suit defines “[a]n unfair practice [as] “one that ‘offends established public policy’ and one that is ‘immoral, unethical, oppressive, unscrupulous or substantially injurious to consumers.’” Imam is also suing his former manager Roosevelt “Stacey” McKinley. He alleges that McKinley, who was taking 43% from Imam, allegiance was to DKP’s behalf rather than Imam.


Also alleged in the complaint is fraud, several violations of the Muhammad Ali Reform Act by DKP including the failure to disclose purse information to Imam while also holding a management agreement with Imam.

Imam is seeking over $500,000 in damages. If punitive damages are awarded damages could well exceed $1.5 million dollars.

The 28-year-old Imam has been inactive and not been presented with opportunities to fight since his WBC Super Lightweight World Championship bout against Jose Ramirez on March 17, 2018 in New York, NY. Due to his lack of activity Imam has been dropped from the world rankings. Not only by the World Boxing Council but also by and Ring Magazine.

The lawsuit is being handled by Boca Raton, FL attorney Carl D. Berry, Esq., “Amir Imam has not fought for over a year. Amir is a world class fighter who is currently not in the rankings for any sanctioning organization due to his inactivity.

“Considering he has been ready willing and able to fight, and DKP asserts it’s his promoter, this is preposterous. Unfortunately, our lawsuit stems from the same set of circumstances which have resulted in so many other previous lawsuits against DKP.”


“It is our understanding the DKP received $300,000 for Amir’s participation in the championship fight with Jose Carlos Ramirez. Despite the legal requirement that DKP show Amir in writing how much DKP received for Amir’s participation in the bout. As our suit alleges, this was not done. This has been a component of other lawsuits against DKP.


“Amir walked away from this bout with a check for $29,000. This is after DKP and his purported managers took their cut of his purse (none of whom held a manager’s license at the time of the bout). Amir walked away with less than 10% of the cut to DKP. You will see this and other allegations in our lawsuit which I personally find to be reprehensible.”

“Fighters put it all on the line in the ring and they deserve, no, justice demands they be treated better than this. The Bible tells us that wages are not credited as a gift but an obligation. We believe fair payment for his services were and are due.

“Putting everything else aside, this lawsuit is about a 28-year-old man and his right to work. The most fundamental right of any man, that is to earn a living. Yes, there are allegations of fraud and malfeasance within the complaint. We believe we be able to prove or allegations in a court of law. But a man has the right to work and to receive fair market wages for his craft.

“We filed this lawsuit, so we can get Amir back to work and he can earn fair market wages for his trade.”

Imam has brought on board veteran boxing manager Peter Kahn to help resume his career.