Marcos Maidana in far better shape, Manny Pacquiao desire made public

Marcos Maidana Floyd Mayweather

Tom Casino

Marcos Maidana is bringing his weight down gradually as a fight against Manny Pacquiao continues to create headlines.

Training alongside former world champion Rances ‘Kid Blast’ Barthemely recently, Maidana has lots a considerable amount of weight.

Videos of Maidana punching have gone viral over the past month as ‘Chino’ gets back to explosive best.

Maidana is set for a comeback in 2019, five years after retiring following a double defeat to Floyd Mayweather.

Making a whopping eight figures for his exploits against Mayweather, the Argentinian walked off into the sunset to drink alcohol and smoke cigars.

Now, the likable former two-weight champion is planning to challenge some of the best welterweights on the planet.

Pacquiao is currently linked to a rematch with Mayweather himself. If that fight doesn’t come off, Maidana is seen as a viable Pay-Per-View replacement for Showtime.

Both fighters compete with Al Haymon, meaning the clash will be relatively easy to make if Mayweather decides against a comeback of his own.


One man who would like to see it happen is ex-Pacquiao strength trainer Alex Ariza. The coach, who has worked with Maidana, was asked his opinion in a recent chat with

“I think this is a great fight right now just because Manny is showing signs of reviving himself and getting back into it,” Ariza told Fighthype.

“I just think that would be a great fight. He’s got that style that throws a lot of punches. Manny is getting back into his groove again. I think everyone would like to see that one.

“You’ve got the Philippines and Argentina. If you want to see a big fight, that’s a big fight. That’s the fight he (Maidana) told me he wants.


“Yeah, the first time he called me when he came out here, he wants to fight Pacquiao. But you’ve got to earn that fight by wiping people out.

“You saw what Maidana did to (Adrien) Broner. You saw what Manny did to Broner (in January). Maidana ruined that guy. He ruined him. I don’t think Manny will have enough to stop him (Maidana).”

A warm-up fight against an also-ran contender is likely for Maidana soon, before the big-puncher eyes a top name for the late summer or fall.